A baby gift and updated pictures of Bud

annie1992December 22, 2005

I picked up my mail yesterday and found a box from Arizona. ArizonaTart sent a baby gift for Bud and a small gift for Makayla.

Susan, great minds must work the same, because Makayla now has a set of matching mugs, the other one came from one of the members here on the East Coast. She loves those cups, and was always fussing when her single one was waiting to be washed, so now she's just ecstatic. The outfit is perfect, just the size he wears now. At 2 months he's wearing a 6-9 month size, so this will make a great Christmas outfit:

Thank you, Susan, it was so kind of you to think of us, especially since I know how busy your life is all the time.

This also seemed like an ideal time to update everyone with new pictures of Bud. Here he is with his Dad, Big Dave. (Remember, he's actually "Little Dave" but not to me):

Here's one of a boy and his dog. I tried making it smaller, but then you can't see what he looks like.

Finally, here's one a little closer, and he really does smile a lot of the time:


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Annie I can't believe Bud is 2 months old! He is cute as ever.

Susan, So sweet of you to send gifts. Just think how handsome the Budster will look in his new duds!

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Oh Annie, he is just too cute for words!!!
He looks a lot like his dada with just a hint of Amanda and a lot of YOU!!!

You must be so proud!!!

Thank you for sharing these pics with us!!


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Wow Annie--guess you finally got "the camera " fixed--
"Bud" is just adorable--makes you want to just grab hold & give a big hug ! And Makayla must be really enjoying the season , given her age and all the doings--do you have a picture of her & Santa this year?


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Diane, Makayla doesn't like Santa because he says "Ho, Ho, Ho". She says he can't come to her house, UmmMa will give her presents. (grin) So, no pictures, she won't go within 500 feet of him.

She's really liking the rest of Christmas though, including the cookie decorating. I have some pictures of her doing that with Sadie the Swiper. LOL I'll have to get them posted.


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Oh is he sweet! I love that toothless little baby grin with his little fists squeezed in excitement!


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Hi sweet of Susan! Cute widdle poopers!

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(I want a family portrait)

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Oh my gosh! He is gonna be a real Michigan State Spartan!!

Alicia is a nice big healthy girl, she is only just shy of 18 months and already she is 28 pounds and 35 inches tall!

I am really glad that Makayla liked her little mug, I thought it was adorable! And, I am really glad that I got a 6-9 month size little set of clothes!

It would have been nice had I been more timely with the gifts, but it has been pretty wild around here for time to do too much of anything.

I hope your little sweet Buddikins stays warm and happy in his new clothes!

He is an adorable baby!!

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What a nice surprise from Susan. I can't believe that Bud is already two months old either. And what a handsome little guy he is. Annie, I hope you take Jessica's suggestion and have a family picture taken over Christmas. And make sure that you are in the photo.


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Oh he sure looks like a big boy already Annie ! Soon he'll be old enough to start playing with Makayla. I bet she's looking forward to having him as a playmate.

Glad to see you have your camera operational again. And I second the suggestion for a family photo including yourself. Just have to use the timer option on the camera so you can jump into the picture !


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what a cute little guy and how he's grown. David looks like the doting father. Hope you'll keep us updated with his progress. Glad the camera is fixed.. Thanks


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What a handsome little feller, looks like he can hardly wait to jump out of that seat and get moving!

Susan, what a cute outfit and how nice of you.

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He's darling!! And I see nothing of his daddy in his looks....not Amanda for that matter! He's yours!!
You do realize that soon he will be into Mikayla's "stuff".....and she will be saying....MOOOOM!....Or Ummmmm Ma! he's touching my Barbies!!
Ach! Little brothers!!
Enjoy.....they get to be big gangly kids way too quickly!!
Linda C

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LindaC, he's not going to last that long. She got a "magic wand" as a gift from san and she's very busily working on turning him into a puppy. She'll get it right soon. LOL


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