weights for glass holders

rmtonelzeyJanuary 6, 2009

I bought some floral stems and want to put them in small glass containers, picture something a bit larger than a votive candleholder. BUT I dont want them to be top heavy and turn over. I normally use the regular floral foam and hot glue them in..but still, this is not gonna keep them from being top heavy, (I think) what can I use to weight the holder down? Im thinking maybe plaster of paris or something...anyone have another suggestion..MUCH APPRECIATED...Mike in Memphis

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Any room in them for the glass marble things either flat or round? Glass flowers would break if tipped over so the length of stems has some bearing. i have 2 with 9 inch stems so would tip over unless vase was quite high. Even if you used GE II, if vase was too short it will be top heavy. I've seen the 9 in. stem ones in a clear stuff-looks like water but doesn't move but the vase comes up to about 2 inches from top of stem so talking 7 in. tall vase. Also some flowers, my bud is pretty compact but the blue one is spread out & so would fall over easier. Think you need to experiment around & have hands ready to grab the flowers, maybe someone else has better ideas!! Good luck!! Even resin wouldn't help if vase isn't tall enough! Jan

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THANKS JAN...but they are not glass flowers..they are small christmas trees actually...(of course this is for next year, but got them at a bargain) they are 12-16 inch trees, but I wanted to put them in a small holder..instead of using the stand..to make them more decorative, and was using a small glass candle holder (larger than votive) I thought about the glass marbles but with those, with storage you have to think about if you move those just right, it could crack the holder. But its another great idea thanks..

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