LibbyLizJanuary 7, 2009

Does anyone else here like "misfits"; the ornaments on clearance that are missing that special something, that are painted or decorated incorrectly or need repaired?

I've been fixing an incorrectly painted solder spring & twisted wire Santa & snowman found at Family Dollar.

I'm doctoring an incorrectly painted & somewhat bland wooden runner sled loaded with presents & a very bland fabric over batting & paperboard red/black flannel tree by Martha Stewart.

I've fixed/am fixing an incorrectly & shoddily painted large bell snowman & Santa, birdhouses made of fiberboard that were falling apart & three types of primitive-look stuffed snowmen, clay dough Santa's & stockings that had some things wrong with each (a Santa held a blue saw versus silver, a snowman held an Olympic torch versus a broom, etc.) that I found at a dollar/discount store.

I just love giving them my own touch & reworking them until they're just right, making them "mine". Hubby & son roll their eyes at me, but then laugh with me when I say I like to rescue the misfit "toys".

Am I in the wrong?! LOL

I just wish I would have rescued the pull toy snowman by Martha Stewart that was missing a leg, that I saw when I bought the sled & tree. The next day I went back to get him & found out K'Mart sent it back to the company for credit. :-(

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Probably not wrong!! You probably always had an urge to "make things better" or maybe you just like taking a sad situation & fixing it!! Did you want to be a nurse?? Maybe it's carryover from childhood. Maybe you knew someone that repaired things, sleds, bikes , dolls, clothes for their family-and you thought it was great!! So now you are doing it!! Less stuff in landfills!!! You are helping "green "America!! Good work!! Jan

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Well, I didn't want to be a nurse & I don't know about being a rescuer (whether in fights between friends or family members). And I don't think I had the urge to fix objects either.

But my history includes a father who is a bit obsessive-compulsive, & definitely leans towards hoarding, so maybe I got a bit of that. LOL

And hubby has a little of the noted tendencies & likes to fix & make things; i.e., furniture.

I guess dear old dad is a fixer too. I know he took my broken Yellow Bird blow dryer from the trash in the 70s or 80s, fixed it & kept it. If I'd had known he could fix it, I would have wanted it back! LOL

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