Al Gomez

joe_mnDecember 6, 2011

When I delete emails from my iPad inbox they get dumped into the trash folder. Sometimes they are renamed to al Gomez. Might happen once a week. Only ever renamed to al Gomez. Never any other random name. I use Comcast mobile xfinity app. I did delete and reinstall app and the al Gomez issue came back. Comcast has no idea? And I am not al Gomez and I do not know anyone named al Gomez. And the "from" header on new unread emails never says al Gomez. It's only renamed when I put it in trash.

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Have you done a complete virus scan and are you also running Malwarebytes???If not do an up to date virus scan and also download, install, update then run Malwarebytes (spyware scanner)

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That's pretty weird. :-)

What happens if you use the Apple's email client?

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Missed the Ipad,,, sorry, wrong info

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

well there is a real Al Gomez just do a goggle search!
My thought is was this a pre owned item possibly?

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