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maddyaJanuary 30, 2008

This is simply a try to see if I can follow easy instructions. Two are of a snowmen scenes I did NOT make, but did put together as a display and one is of a poinsettia flower display I made.

Here goes;

This is not how it is supposed to be, so I will wait to try again tomorrow.



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Maddya, your "links" to your photobucket page worked just fine. Readers of the forum here only have to copy the above "Direct Link" and paste them into the web browser line and hit "Go" to "Directly Link" to your photobucket page to see the pics.

If you are wanting to "put the pic right into your msg so you can see it at the same time while reading your msg" then you must "copy" the "HTML Code" on your photobucket page, come back to your forum msg, put your cursor where you want the pic to appear, go to the very top menu, click on "Edit" and scroll down to "Paste" and the HTML Code will appear where your cursor is. You can go back to your photobucket page and keep "copying" the HTML Codes of as many pics as you want and repeat the process of "edit" and "paste" the pics into your msg. It is when you "Preview Message" that you will see your pics inside your msg and then when you "Submit Message" the pics will be with the msg for all to see.

For others that might be wondering how to post pics into msgs, awhile back I typed up instructions and posted them in the forum. The link to that msg is: (copy and paste it to your web broswer line):

Anyone opening up the above "link" can "copy and paste" my msg into a "Word document" or other Word Program you have on your computer and save it for future reference. Note that when I wrote that msg, there were only three choices under the pics in Photobucket, now there are four.

Remember, you can always do a search for anything that might have been posted in the forum previously. Type the words of whatever your looking for into the "Search" box on the front page of the forum when it first opens up. If something with those words was posted, it will come up. For example, "Bowling Balls" "BB's" "Garden Fairy," etc.

Have fun posting your pics, you know we all love to see the pics.


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Thank you Sal.....that doesn't sound too hard.

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Looks like you got it! and sal has explaned the rest.
you can also put a user name in the search, example, type in oddie and all post by me will come up, a way to see older crafts and post you might have missed.
Happy Crafting

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You're welcome Maddya.


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