Flush-mount a Miele 30" MasterCheft Oven

trepexNovember 5, 2012

So I was near-settled on the BlueStar gas range for our new build, but my wife is really have reservations about leaving behind induction. We initially made the decision because there is no good wall space for a wall oven in the new home, but I'm nearly convinced that we could put a Miele wall oven below the 36" induction cooktop, and it wouldn't be a bad solution.

My dilemma is this. The installation instructions claim that the oven needs a 24-inch deep cut-out. The unit itself is 23-1/2 inches deep, with an extra 1-inch face. But my cabinets are 24 inches deep - exterior dimensions - which means that when I factor in the 5/8-inch cabinet back, I only have 23-3/8 inches from the inside to the outer edge of the door. This looks as though the oven will protrude 1-1/8 inches. I suppose I can ask the builder to cut out the back of the base cabinet to save 5/8 of an inch, but the thing still isn't going to sit flush.

Now admittedly it's been a really long day and maybe I'm missing something really obvious here, but can someone please confirm whether or not it's actually possible to mount this thing flush in a 24" base cabinet, or do you need to size something slightly larger (or else live with it protruding a bit)???

Here is the dimension guide I've been referencing:


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What you are missing is reading up on the Miele ovens.

Are you buying it just to look at and the name , or do you really intend to do some baking with it???? If you are gonna bake you best read up on these ovens, or "YOU" will be baking and "Not the Oven". One supposes one could always turn the oven up way hotter than the recipe temp and perhaps get good results---buttttt----why spend that kind of money for a
"Fudge Machine"???? You can do better, just do your homework here in Garden Web!

AS far as induction goes, "just about" anybody that has purchased one, loves them, regardless of brand. I have the Elux but I don't think it really matters, however my Elux oven is another story---It always goes to the temp I set it to, is quiet, easy to read display and operating controls (wavetouch) and it has been trouble free going on 7 years now.

Good luck with your project just take a bit of time, as I mentioned and do your homework.

Best Regards


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Hi Gary,

Yep, I've used a 36" Miele induction cooktop for 5 years and I love it. I would be buying the same one (well the KM5993 now instead of the KM5773). I frankly just didn't like the Elux as much as the Miele. I guess I'm just not that impressed with the Wave Touch controls. A lot of people complain about Miele's infrared controls but both my wife and I love them.

I wasn't just looking at the Miele oven because of it's appearance. Despite what I've read here about temperature issues, I've also read a lot of positive things elsewhere and have a coworker who swears by it.

Secondly, it's for the fact the I can stick with the Miele induction cooktop and comfortably mount the Miele oven below it. It appears that there are other ovens that are options but so far I'm not a huge fan of the alternatives. Bosch was the closest (either the 500 or 800) but they seem to barely meet the clearance requirements of my installation.

So while I appreciate the advice about doing my homework - I have already spent hours and continue to spent hours more researching this option and every other that I've considered - I'm really just looking for some feedback on the dimensions at this point.

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No arguments about the Miele induction, lotta happy folks with them, same for their speed ovens and with an exception or 2, their dishwashers, in fact I've had one going on 7 years now and I am very happy with it.

As the knowledgible folks here in GW will tell you, no Manufacturer bats 1000 when it comes to appliances, and I fear, (and I really hope I am wrong), that "Miele's Strike Zone" is their "Conventional ovens.

If you decide to buy please review it for us, as we haven't seen but one post, maybe 2, (Here in GW) that leads us to believe the temp problem is fixed---if it is, it sure would be nice if Miele saw fit to help the folks that were not as lucky as we hope you are---in fact a "Software update" supposedly fixed one but unfortunately the poster of that info did not provide any info on the update, merely stating that it fixed their particular oven.

I'm glad your eyesight is better than mine, I hate having to fetch my glasses to see what the oven is doing as the glasses are ALWAYS on the wrong floor of this house, and with the big display on the Elux I don't havta fetch glasses.

I hope it works out for you as "many/most" appliance manufactures discourage or perhaps "Outright void warranty" if induction unit over an oven is not the same brand so at least you wont run into that problem with above/below Mieles.


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I would be very careful to comply with Miele's instructions for oven installation -- including that cut out in the back. It's essential.

Mine is a retrofit in an oven cabinet and it protrudes a bit but looks just fine. Flush mounted ovens are usually done in ultra modern kitchens though I happen to feel they look best that way.

Kitchen cabinets can be customized. If you want a flush mounted oven and the cabinets you're ordering don't have the depth, it needs to be created.

I wish Gary would stop bashing Miele ovens. Yes, there have been temperature issues reported just as there's been chipping interior enamel reported on the Wolf and door warping on the Blue Star, and temperature averaging on the Viking and no simmer on the Culinarian. Brands have issues.

My oven (perfect clean) has been trouble free. My DD also has one -- trouble free.

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Rococogurl, I am not "Bashing" Miele ovens.

If you read the Op's first post here, there is nothing to indicate that he had seen the posts here in Garden Web about Miele ovens.

Do you think whoever posted about the problems with the KA ovens should have kept that info to themselves??? In fact one poster in
Garden Web posted, (Paraphrasing), "I wished had read the info about KA Ovens in Garden Web before I purchased the KA Oven".

We know You and
Trailrunner are very happy with yours, and we're pleased that is the case! But if one digs up old posts on Miele ovens, Bayer, Larsi, etc etc and look up all the positive posts about the performance of Miele ovens,----Well the "odds" just don't look that good, (To Me), (Positive reviews/Problem Reviews).In fact there is another thread right now where a Miele oven owner is recommending to stay away from them.

Anyway, I don't mind getting "Called Out" on my
"purported Miele Bashing" as it was "Just my intent" to be sure the OP had as much info as possible, (Positive or Negative), to help Him make the best purchasing decision.


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And my DD is happy with hers. And the OP's friend is happy with his.

No argument with negatives on them in posts. I always caution to search and read about issues. But there are negative issues with every brand.

No issue with saying "be sure to read about past issues and here's the thread," or such. But I think statements like: "-why spend that kind of money for a "Fudge Machine"????" are rightly bashing when you've never owned the thing yourself.

I've had a really bad oven and don't post that kind of thing about the brand when folks want it. I will post and say I regret the purchase, or it was bought back etc. Or read the threads. Or be careful. That's warning to me, not bashing.

If you'd had a Miele oven and hated it or had problems then that's one thing. I just would like to see you apply a little more balance.

You seem to have a "thing" about Miele ovens whereas I don't see you warning on Culinarian threads about how there's no simmer. Or, talking about the warped oven doors on the Blue Star. Or about the enamel chipping off in the Wolf ovens. Or you can't get a turkey in a Berta oven.

This is a great place because there's such a broad sampling and you can find out almost anything. And get a wide variety of opinions. I absolutely take yours on your E'lux and your induction etc.

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