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girlsingardensJanuary 4, 2009

Right now we are going through a host of health problems that are getting the best of me. I suffer from Post Partum Depression and with my health problems things are getting tough. I have been having gall bladder attacks and issues since I was 5 months pregnant, and now Hudson is 9 weeks old. I as filling like a had he flu on Thursday and Friday and I finally figured out that it was my gall bladder having an attack> I went into the hospital ER room and they did a CT scan and found my gall bladdr is contractinng, is still full of sludge and small stone, that I hav 2 kidney's one of which I passed on Saturday. My Potassium level was way below normal and I had t have 4 bags of iv fluid, and demoral and tordol to help the pain. I have been having trouble this psst week with my voice slurring and stumblgine and losing my balence most of the day. Plus Peyton has a cyst on her neck, she is 3 and ill have o have surgery on Friday so that just ads o my worries.

What I am looking for is if anyone would be up to cheerinf up a little girl. She is in love with al jewelry and has stared to decorate our minature shelf vollections and to use them wih her barbies and doll houses. So I have a favor to ask, if anyone has any minature that they aren't using or any little girl things that they might want to share. It has been pretty depressing around here and any little thing would help her out. Being sick, a new baby and lots of adjustments have been hard on both the girls ( 3,5) Add to that the boys have had croup and pneamonia. Ihave some trinkets to trade if any one would like to help.

Thank you so much for your kind thoughts and pryes.

Stacie Peyton, and Rhiannon


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That's so sad. Maybe for now you can ask on Freecycle? I don't have any myself.

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So sorry to hear about the troubles at the moment with the the health issues of your family.

Email me when you have a chance.


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Sorry to hear about all your health problems. There is one thing that is bothering me as a GMa I really would be concerned about the little one having such small things as minitures to play with. Also I would question if there would be lead in some of the older ones. Just my thoughts on this. Good luck with the health issues.

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