Wolf DF range is 10 degrees off - what to do?

Madeline616November 18, 2012


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My Wolf DF range is 10 degrees too cool. I let it come up to the desired temp and once reached, waited about 20 minutes. Also used the same thermometer to check the temp of my Kenmore wall oven, and it was spot on.

Going to get the repairman out this week, but wondering if anyone knows what things can cause this and what the solutions might be.


Madeline :)

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It can probably be calibrated - if not, just turn temperature up 10 degrees.

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It could be the thermometer and the Kenmore are off, and the Wolf is right. ;-) I had issues with a previous oven and got 2 oven thermometers which were a little different from each other in what they read. The repairman will be able to tell and know the amount of swing in the thermometer. The normal swing is 25 degrees on either side of the set temps but my Wolf DF has about a 5 degree swing I think. Usually there would be a range of temperature over time in an oven due to the tolerances in the thermostat. I'm sure it can be calibrated if it is off or if it is another problem like a sensor they can fix it.

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Thanks for the replies.

Not finding calibrating instructions in the manual, I guess the repaian can do that.

I didn't realize that a swing was normal, I'm glad you let me know. Will get a second thermometer and check the temps during Thanksgiving cooking.

Here are 2 interesting links on oven temp swing and checking oven temp accuracy, if anyone's interested:


Checking temp:

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A man with one watch[thermometer] always knows what time it is.
A man with two watches is never sure.

Really, 10 degrees? Are we culturing serums?

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Jumpilotmdm - I was thinking the exact same thing, but love how you put it!

Sometimes we just get too caught up in trying to obtain perfection.

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