Problem w/install of wolf cooktop over electrolux wall oven

DMack108November 30, 2012

After months upon months of trying to pick out appliances for my new kitchen renovation, I decided to get a Wolf 30" gas cooktop over an Electrolux icon single wall oven.
(We can't install a wall oven in the wall because it would have left me with barely any counter space and I really didn't want a range.)
My KD went ahead and drew up the plans, and my appliance salesperson checked with his reps to make sure the combo would work. On my own, I went to review the installation instructions on the appliances and saw that the gas and electric hookups need to be put in adjacent cabinet areas.
I called my KD and after looking into it, she redid my layout and had to bump out the stove area 4" to accomodate the appliances so I wouldn't lose the depth in my cabinets (which I certainly would not want to lose). However, because the oven is about 28-1/2" high & requires to be 4-1/2" from floor, and the Wolf cooktop requires at least 5-1/2" depth over the oven, the math doesn't add up for a 36" counter. They've talked about taking away the toekick, but I certainly don't want my oven sitting on the floor! And to top it all off, this is an issue that I apparently will have with any cooktop over oven install.

If you look at showrooms and pictures on appliance websites, they show cooktops installed over ovens all the time, so I can't believe this is such a complicated issue.

PLEASE, has anyone out there ever installed a cooktop over a single oven? Did you have nightmarish installation issues. I'm just glad I discovered this BEFORE I've ordered any appliances.

If this is totally not doable, then I am looking at either the Wolf duel fuel LP range (30") or the GE Monogram Duel-Fuel. However, the GE Monogram will stick out quite a lot and I'm already tight on space. The Wolf is great on function, but I hate that their burners are so far inset from the edges of the stove. I refuse to get a stove that doesn't have telescoping oven racks, seald burners with simmer capability on at LEAST 2 burners, real metal knobs, convection bake mode,and a timer. Prefer proof mode too. Any other ideas?

Thanks GW members in advance for any help!

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Will the 36" counter have 2" of additional granite on top? Or are you talking about a 34" cabinet?

According to Elux, that 4.5" measurement at the bottom is a Maximum, not a Minimum.

That 28 1/8" height is only at the front of the oven. The back (and main body) is probably 3"-4" less. You have to figure out the depth of where the control panel is located and see if that will interfere with the cooktop (assuming the cooktop does not come to the front of the counter top, ie not a rangetop).

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I saw a cooktop over oven in a showroom. I'm thinking it was an Electrolux oven. Maybe Electrolux cooktop.

I decided that the oven sat too low for my wife to comfortably use. I didn't really want to go to a range, but that was the best option for me. Worked out cheaper too, but I had really wanted that 36" induction cooktop.

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Sorry weedmeister, I guess I forgot to check off that I wanted any responses sent to my e-mail, so all this time I thought no one had responded to me.

Our 36" height counter will have granite installed on it. The cabinet to install/surround the 30" wall oven would be 33" width.
Thanks for clarifying that the 4 1/2" toekick area was a maximum and not a minimum. My builder tells me that he thinks he could make it work, but it will definitely be only a couple inches off the ground.

The alternative is to change the kitchen design and put the oven to the left of the cooktop where my 33" wide drawer base was going and move the drawers under the cooktop instead. (I'll lose one drawer and they would now be only 30"). Not sure of this compromise and not sure if the oven will look weird sitting to the left of the cooktop, though it may be easier to put things into the oven directly from the cooktop with this configuration.

I'm still plugging away, but at this point my builder is at a standstill until appliances are picked so electrician can come in.

Any other thoughts appreciated.

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Pick an oven and cooktop from the same manufacturer or go to a range. Units from different manufactuers often have incompatible clearance requirements to be used this way. Units from the same manufacturer will often work though, unless you're talking induction.

In your case though, I'd simply go with a range. It really doesn't make a lot of sense to do a separate cooktop and wall oven when you are mounting the oven under the cooktop. It costs a lot more, both in appliances, cabinetry, and countertop expenses. A range will make the most sense layout wise as well as save you a bit of money.

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