The Grandsons ( some of them LOL )

craftyrnOctober 17, 2006

Youngest DD & SIL invited us over for dinner tonight-- family celebration for GSJohnny's 6th Birthday-- he's growing up so fast but still looks small beside his older brothers Devin & Corey . That's the other Grandmother -- Ann looking on with Doc.

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You've got some mighty good looking genes running around in your family. Ooo-wee!

I'm confused. That pretty young woman cannot not possibly be the parent of Devin and Corey. Right??

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That's what she keeps saying -- but yes-- Deb's my youngest-- 37-- Corey is 18 , Devin 16 .

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Johnny is such a cutie-patootie. Deb sure doesn't look 37. Good looking guys, too. Good for you that you live close enough to celebrate!


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Good looking family Diane! And wow....that's hard to believe that Deb is the mother of those handsome boys.
She looks like she could be their girlfriend, not their mother.

One of my cousins has a wife who also looks perpetually young and could easily be confused as a girlfriend of her 21 yr old son.

Johnny is a lucky boy to have two big brothers to watch over him. I bet he just loves turning six....did he start school - grade one - last month?


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Oh, Diane what nice looking boys! And your daughter is beautiful, I would have guessed she was a "girlfriend", too!


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I agree, no way does Deb look old enough to be the "Mom". Wow.

The boys are pretty handsome too, including Doc!


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I agree with everyone else! Great looking family!

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Goooooooooood lookin' boys! And your daughter does not really look old enough to have mothered them, lol. My oldest is 37. I often wonder where the years went. I remember 37. How did she get there so fast?
Enjoy the precious time you get with your beautiful family, cause it certainly does go fast!

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A very handsome family, Diane. Your daughter looks on so adoringly, she is beautiful and Johnny, well, I got my granny smile going.


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Great looking family you have there! Happy birthday to Johnny!

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