Quietest, Most Powerful Hood Insert for this setup? (Pic Included

Madeline616November 9, 2011

Since I'm re-tiling my niche and replacing my cooktop with a range, I've decided to replace my poor-performing, impossible-to-clean hood insert. My canopy is a tiled, arch-shaped structure, so I just need the insert.

My problem is that the high tiled archway architecture--which I *love*--results in the hood being waaaay too high above the stovetop. Ridiculously high. We're talking 58". But I've lived happily with it this way for years--it sucks up the smoke well enough--and I figure with a more powerful insert my situation can only improve.

Can anyone help me figure out where to start? My priorities are:

1) Quiet

2) Strong (because of crazy height issue)

3) Easy-to-clean

4) Possibly one specifically meant to go very high up above stove top.

Many thanks!

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Modern-Aire makes inserts & you can choose the blower, either form them or elsewhere. You probably want a remote blower with a muffler. You need the highest CFM you can find. I know I've seen 1600 CFM, but you could always go commercial.

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There are several companies that make blowers in the 1200 -1600 cfm range and higher.
You need to first find out how large your ducting is.
A 1600 cfm blower will require something on the order of a 10 or 12" duct.

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I can't tell from the photo, but you might get better results if you invested in a system that supplies outdoor air for the hood exhaust.

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Keep in mind that what goes up the hood must enter the dwelling somehow. Makeup air can be a problem especially if your house is tight. I would expect at 1600cfm backdrafts on any combustion appliances (furnace, water heater, fireplace, etc) would become noticable and likely dangerous.


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I was thinking the same thing about MUA. off me what started out as a 600cfm hood, ended up as 300, as our township code is MUA required with Cfms above 400!! We are also clod climate, so it would have to be tempered MUA! I would check your local codes IMHO!

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mdgolfbum is spot on. 1600 cfm out through the kitchen vent needs 1600 cfm of replacement air. You'll need to work with someone who knows what they're doing to ensure you've got the air flow compensated for. You might need to add a powered intake vent that's linked to the kitchen vent to bring replacement air in when you turn it on.

Downsides to not factoring this in could include shortening the life of the vent if it strains to find the air to move and/or air being pulled down the chimney, back from the furnace, or down through the attic to make up for the draw.

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Jeeze people - crack a window - you don't need a big expensive MUA install. I've got a 1200cfm & don't need MUA. Course I planned the house & the range is the only item inside the living area that needs air. Exactly how sealed is everyone's house anyway?

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Okay...so what kind of subcontractor specializes in this? Sounds like I need to call in the experts. HVAC people, maybe?

ratflinger, you said your range is the only item inside the living area that needs air--what other types of structures/items need air? Maybe a fireplace? I do have a vented gas fireplace.

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I don't think my house needs make up air, it's drafty enough.....but it's code, which is a problem if you are doing a Reno with permits....

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Check out the Vent-a-Hood brand with the "Magic Lung". It's super quiet, super powerful, and best of all filterless.....easy to clean!! One of the best decisions we made in our kitchen remodel!!

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Madeline616 did you ever finish this project? I am going through the same dilemna now. Thanks.

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The requirement for "high" is a larger aperture to capture the expanding effluent. The flow rate has to increase in proportion to the larger aperture area, but it does not have to increase to "suck up" effluent from the more distant cooktop because it won't at any flow rate anyone would imagine using.

Quiet ventilation (to the extent that that word pair is not an oxymoron) requires a large fan operating at a low rotation rate (think Casablanca type ceiling fan as an extreme). Some compromise can be had by remote mounting, oversizing the fan and normally running it at reduced power, use of a silencer, duct padding, etc.

MUA is widely covered in this forum and should be searched out before asking tailored questions.


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