Ground walnut shells for pin cushions?

concretenprimrosesJanuary 19, 2012

Has anyone used these? I really don't like using poly stuffing. I want something that is quick and easy when you sew but also keeps the pins in shape. Has some oomph to it. Ive seen the walnut shells recommended. I don't even know where to buy them tho.


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Crete, I could have sworn I read that rice was used in pin cushions. I don't know where to check???? Blessings, Kim:)

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I think the problem with rice and flax etc is they could spoil if they get damp, or attract vermin. I've discovered that pet stores carry walnut shells to use as small animal and bird cage lining. But some people are also allergic to walnuts. Not to many I hope cuz I now want to try it.

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FlamingO in AR

I use the ground up walnut shells, I buy it at the pet store, it's sold in the reptile and the bird depts. Look at both because one is likely to be a finer grind, that's the one I prefer, it's smoother in the pincushion. (Picture me walking thru the reptile dept with my eyes closed, I don't want to see the snakes, ugh.) The bigger bag is a better deal, of course.

Oh, be careful when you stuff the empty pincushion, if it's white. The ground shells can stain it. Also, sew it tightly closed by hand, you don't want any of the shells to get in your sewing machine.

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Thanks flamingo!

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