Would mosaics sell at a cratf fair ?

toomuchglassJanuary 18, 2007

If you are the type that goes to craft fairs - have you ever seen mosiacs ? I do stained glass suncatchers & stained glass jewelry - I'm wondering if I should branch out into mosaics. I don't believe in charging an arm & a leg for a craft ----- I look at the piece and price it as something I would buy ( & I'm cheap !) LOL I'm thinking mosaics would fill the void in the stained glass items I Sell. I can never have enough ideas !! Thank you !

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Okay, now Iam a little worried ! LOL! we must think alike, because I always thought what I would pay for something. 20 something years ago I did try selling at craft fairs( I dont think their is any in my town anymore ) I say go for it! I have seen some real pretty mosaics. I am sure anything you do will be beautiful and a seller! as the old saying goes, you never know till you try! I will be waiting for photos!
Happy Crafting

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There were some in the crafting event I participated in a year ago. They sold fairly well. I think if you can personalize items or offer something not found in stores like Hobby Lobby or the home decorating places, you will do well.

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We have an arts festival here every Labor Day weekend. It is not for crafters,per se, but artisans. Anyway, I have bought some mosiacs there. I bought a cute dogbone shaped wallhanging that had hooks on it for dog leashes. REALLY cute!
And then I bought a mirror for a friend that was just a collection of china. SHe is an avid fan of shabby chic! IT was adorable!
I think if things are not too expensive, they will sell. The lady I bought from had tons of large and tons of smaller items. Just made it easy to find something in every budget.
One thing that was interesting was that she used all different colors of grout. FOr the dogbone thingie, the grout was black and for the shabby chic, white. She had all colors and you could tell she had had some experience at picking colors......everything looked awesome!
Not sure where you live, or where you would be selling your items, but try some.

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I love burning candles in mosiac 'containers', for lack of not knowing what else to call them. Most of the ones I have the glass is a gold-ish color, and has an irridesence to it~that just happens to be my favorite and a color that works with my decorating. I've seen an opalescent color that's very pretty also.

If you decide to go for it, I would try to do colors that would 'appeal to the masses' or what could be used with any room color~IMO, gold-ish colors are neutral. If you do greens, blues, purple, etc., don't do too many.

Good luck!


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Thanks for your opinions. I just might go for it ! I plan on getting away from suncatchers & trying my hand at stained glass jewelry & moaics for a change. I already have an application for an autumn fair ! I'm thinking birdhouses , mosaiced mirrors - yard stuff .... now if only I can get the ideas from my head to my hands I'll be all set !

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saw a pretty stained glass birdhouse on Carol Duvall yesterday.

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As a professional crafter I would say to give it a try!
Introduce your mosaics into your stained glass display booth and see what happens.

I have seen mosaics at a number of shows here in New England and some sell quite well and others do not. So like any craft, it's a crap shoot. It would depend on the design, size and quality of the work. But you already have a viable stained glass booth so introducing another media into it shouldn't hurt. And if it doesn't take off, well, all you lost is some booth space.
Definitely give it a shot!

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I have a mosaic plaque hanging on my garden shed......it has half a clay pot worked into it. I didn't plant real plants in it since it would need to be watered every day, but it is cute with artificial ones.
I will try to take a picture of it and of the dog leash holder for you. I don't have access to the mirror that I bought for my girlfriend. Might give you some ideas....Julie

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I saw this thread way too late and wonder if you ever check back. Have you ever thought about a permanent booth at a craft store? It doesn't even have to be in your area. I used a popular craft store that's featured in craft magazines in WI and I'm in CA. I just factored in the cost of shipping with the price of my crafts for sale. Then you don't have to worry about setting up at the different craft fairs? You just have to stay in touch with what's popular and will sell. Leslie

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Unfortunately , I've done the craft store booth selling. All the good ones closed - and the ones that are left charge outrageous fees for a tiny space.The Country Sampler store here closed - their space was so expensive - no one could afford it. I'll try the craft fairs with small items to get my feet wet . It'll be an adventure !

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That was the name I couldn't think of, it's been several years since I had a booth there. I did well, but it ceased to be fun when I felt I had become an assembly line. Good luck to you and have fun doing it, I'm usually one of the ones who will stop and buy the handmade items:)

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