cleaning vases

datura-07January 2, 2010

I left water in a really tall vase that was filled with clear marbles and I can't get it clean. It's very tall and I don't have a brush that will reach the bottle but the brush I have doesn't seem to help the area I can reach.

I've soaked it in bleach - which has always worked in the past. I tried denture tabs this afternoon - 4 of them - no change.

Any ideas?? thanks

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Fill with uncooked rice and a little warm water, swish it around, maybe cover the opening with your hand and turn it upside down....has worked in the past for me. Good luck.

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I used ice chips & salt to clean glass coffee pots at cafe I worked at s teenager, the salt is gritty & ice helps move it around, of course you have to shake it by hand. it got the pots very clean. If not of these ideas work try the "Cleaning forum" on the" Home Forums" up at top of this page. Might try vinegar & let sit overnite. Odd that clear marbles would stain, could it be minerals in your water? There's CLR might have letters wrong, I don't have any but see ads on TV for it. Supposed to get rust, hard water stains etc out. Good Luck! Jan

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justlinda, that's sounds like a super idea.

sunnyca, you are correct - it slipped my mind but our softener hasn't been working - need a new one. That's what is on it. I use CLR all the time.

Thanks for taking the time to reply.

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Denture cleaning tablets work great! I used to use them to clean a narrow beverage container with a spigot on it that fit along the side of the frige, and there was no way to use a brush on it. Of course it always had iced tea or cool aid in it! The denture tablets worked great to get the stain out, and I could put hot soapy water in to make sure it was "clean" afterwards. It kind of works like alkaseltser and fizzes it clean.


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