what happens when you hang out on these forums...

teresa_nc7October 10, 2006

Yep, the canning bug has bitten me too! Left to right Peach Marmalade, Hot 'n Sweet Confetti Pepper Jelly, Cranberry Chutney (from a bag of fresh cranberries in the freezer!), and my mom's Garden Relish.

Also Ten Grain Bread, Ziporion's recipe - or is it 9 Grain?

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Nice haul Teresa. The canning bug has bitten me too, but I won't be doing any until next year when I'm better prepared. Great job!

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Picture perfect!!
Linda C

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It is late and I am not sleepy, but now I am really hungry,
just a slice or two of the bread and the peach marmalade sounds/looks so good.

Everything looks good!

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Wow, Teresa! I am truly impressed! The canning is fabulous but I am in awe of those perfect loaves of bread! Wish I could bake like that!


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Oh my goodness what a pretty picture that makes. I wish I could have anice thick slice of bread, toasted with fresh butter and some of that peach marmalade.


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Lovely pics Teresa, thanks for sharing.

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Perfect picture-- wall & tummy art for the kitchen !

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Oh yum, Teresa, I also think a slice of that bread, toasted, with some peach marmalade would be perfect for lunch (which I haven't had yet).

It all looks perfect and beautiful.


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Teresa, I like to bake bread (kind of) but it never, ever, ever turns out pretty. I wish I could make mine look like yours.
That picture is a perfect example of what wonderful women who feel pride in their abilities and their artistry and their womanhood can do, even when they work full time. You ARE an artist!

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