I found a new site. thought you guys would like I ordered one

huggybear_2008January 22, 2009

Not sure how I found this site.. but here it is.. I ordered one of the books and plan on either giving it to the school or putting it in my grandson's room.. check it out.. it is soooooooo cool


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here's a link...

going there now to take a look...

Hey...that is neat...!!!


Here is a link that might be useful: book

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THanks patti, for putting up the link, I am either going to do this in my grandson's room or give it to his schools art class, I think it would be a great project for an art class and if they put it on a large piece of plywood they could auction it off...I just thought it was awesome.

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Hey guys, I got my book with all the pictures for our mural.. it is just awesome.. not to be pushing this site. but the paintings for the mural are just wonderful.. I am so glad I ordered one and getting ready to order another one.

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Thanks, this was really interesting, and sounds like a fun project to do! I only wish they had some other mural books to buy (besides Noah). I'll keep checking back to see future books.

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Pass they do have others to buy, but they are more expensive.. like $100.00 compared to the Noah at $19.50
The book is just awesome.. I can't wait until we put it on my grandson's wall , we are ordering another one for the school..

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