A time to party: Bud turns one, Makayla is three.

annie1992October 30, 2006

Well, this weekend was it, the big birthday party for the grandkids. Although Amanda cooked a great meal with homegrown ham, au gratin potatoes, baked beans, fresh veggies for dipping, and I baked rolls and birthday cakes, we didn't think to take pictures of any of the food. Figures....

We did get pictures of the kids and the cakes, though. Makayla helped me, she put the sprinkles on Bud's cupcakes:

Then she spread a copious layer of frosting on her own "Under the Sea Mermaid" cake. She loved the cake, I was less impressed, probably because I forgot all my decorating tips and had to decorate the whole blasted thing with nothing but ziplock bags with the corners cut off. Ah well, she was happy.

She dunked "Mom's" rosebud cakes in glaze and was happy with the results:

The day of the party she helped me assemble Bud's cupcake tree and putting the finishing touches on her own cake:

Sadie helped by trying to swipe anything she could find. Remembering the Christmas Cookie fiasco, we kept her away from the table:

Before everyone arrived, the birthday girl put on her birthday princess crown:

Guests began to arrive. Many of you will remember Linsey, the down syndrome baby with all the heart problems. She's healthy, happy and friendly, in spite of all the doctors dire warnings:

Maykayla donned her "shades" to post with cousins Tommy and KayLynn:

My nephew Philip came with his son, Zander. The little devil costume is most appropriate, BTW:

Time for cake. Bud enjoyed his cake greatly, and he was appropriately impressed by his sister's decorating ability.

Makayla blew out all her candles, one at a time.

Even Dad got into the party mood, wearing the prerequisite "birthday crown". LOL. David's gonna kill me for posting this!

What a perfect birthday, lots of food, lots of cake, lots of presents, lots of happy children and contended adults. Happy Birthday to my daughter, my Grand Monkey Makayla and the Big Guy.


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Annie, thank you for sharing these beautiful children with us. I giggled out loud at the shot of Bud getting ready to huff and puff. BTW, chocolate becomes him.

Makayla is such a beauty and it's nice to meet Linsey and hear she is doing well.

You're a good granny!

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How sweet! Bud looks like such a little boy.....not a baby! Mikayla is a dollface! Yep, Pam is right, you are a good granny!

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Oh yes, "White Cloud: The Next Generation", I can imagine the TV series already. Annie of course will play herself as the wise and loving matriarch with the strange internet habit!

Great pix Annie!

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Annie, looks like a great day of many celebrations. You are such a wonderful grandmother.

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Oh how cute! I could never let David help me with frosting or it would mysteriously end up on the ceiling. Or worse.

Lindsay is adorable and I'm so glad to hear she's doing well! And I love Makayla's sunglasses. Your mermaid cake is divine! (good job with the Ziplock bags, BTW. Aren't those a total PITA? But they work in a pinch!)

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Oh Lindsey does look great! It's good to see her. Thanks for posting a picture of her.

Happy Birthday gang! Makayla is growing up to be a beautiful little girl. That Bud is as handsome as his Daddy! Beautiful family Annie!

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What a great party! Looks like everyone had a ball! Mostly David hahahahahha!!!!!

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Gina you forgot 'bulldog'.

Hey where is the deviled eggs! NVM, looks like a great party. Wonderful family!

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Annie, your Grandkids are just adorable and I love the cake! Good job!


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Annie, I so appreciate when you share your pics of those little ones! They're so sweet - and Makayla looks very proud of those finishing touches...thanks for sharing these.


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Looks like an awesome party, Annie! Ya done good with the zip locks, by the way...

The kids are sure getting big, and they are beautiful as ever! Thanks for sharing!


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Annie, Oh gee, I almost forgot to come over here to the gallery. So glad I remembered! What a GREAT party! Love all the pics!

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Jessica, that is NOT "Bulldog". That would be "Pitbull". And I earned that through years of being a complete and total b*tch, so I wear the designation proudly.

I AM "The Pitbull". When I'm not busy being "Empress of the Universe".

As for the devilled eggs, you ever see what happens when you let a kid under 5 touch a devilled egg? It's not pretty, and so the "egg pictures" were redacted. LOL

It sure is hard to believe that my little sweetheart is three, isn't it? Thankfully, she'll still sit on my lap with her arms around my neck and sing "I love you, a bushel and a peck and a hug around the neck". She's gonna stop that soon, isn't she? Sigh.

Bud doesn't like kisses, he cries.

San, if you are out there, Makayla sends special "tisses" for you.


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What gorgeous kids! Makayla is certainly the best little helper you could ask for and Bud is a little doll.

Glad to hear that Linsey is doing well - that was quite the scare she gave all of you.

Wonderful photos and thanks for sharing such a grand celebration!


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What a fun birthday party. I am very impressed with your Mermaid cake. How nice that you made all three of the birthday treats. The g-kids are adorable. Of course, I love the pic of Bud really enjoying his cake -- my kind of kid! Makayla is just a doll and don't you just love the warm fuzzy feeling when they get in your lap and hug and sing. Hooray for Linsey, too.

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Gosh Annie-- don't they grow up fast? Love the expression on Bud's face in that first picture-- he's just waiting to get his hands into that cake !

And I bet your little Princess will never get too old to give umma a hug .

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I don't often come over to this side of the CF; I'm certainly glad I did. Really does look like a great time with the kids--beautiful kids I might add. Guess it's the good genes.


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Great photos Annie and your grandkids are growing up faster than any I've seen.
Makyla is a real little beauty and Bud looks so big for his age.
So good to see and hear that Linsey is doing well.

Looks like it was a wonderful party! Thanks for the photos.


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Oh Annie,

Don't you just want to freeze-frame these moments? The kids are adorable; we know that you are justifiably proud. Love the baked goodies; the cake is wonderful zip-locs and all.

As grandmas go, you are top notch! Lucky kids.

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Carol Schmertzler Siegel

UmmMa, i got to the party a little late, but those are beautiful kids! I can't believe how big Bud is getting and Makayla, three already? What a great celebration and especially nice to see Linsey!

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You make life fun..I can feel it in the photos..Kids are grand and they wipe our troubles away..I love those ages..The expressions..their beautiful souls..

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How'd I miss this thread?!?!?

The grandbabies are gorgeous, Annie! Looks like you guys had a great time that day!

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