dichroic jewelry &....

doucanoeOctober 5, 2006

Wanna see what I am learning now? This is a sample of some of the jewelry I made for the art fair this weekend.

I also made Holiday ornaments, a couple of small windows and these lamps

Sorry about the background on this one, it is on my front counter...


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Oh my goodness Linda! Beautiful!

Evil J MUST see this post as she collects dichroic glass.

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AAAACCCCKKKKK!!!!!!! DROOL DROOL DROOL I don't wear much jewerly at all but when I do its that dichroic stuff (dlundin this is your cue to post the persimmon picture - I'm wearing a dichroic dragon - with beads/design help from our own Yasou)

I'm just agog. Just unbelieveable. You are very talented!

Can you make me a plate with that stuff? I'd love to commission a piece!

Oh yeah the lampshades are nice too.

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Linda, that is just beautiful, and I especially like the lamp on your front counter.

I am definitely not "into" jewelry, but that's lovely. I especially like the colors in that purple/lilac piece right in the middle.


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Linda, those are gorgeous! How much are the lamps if you're only charging $40 for the necklace and earring set? Someone's swap buddy is going to be very happy!

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I was wondering how much the lamps are as well, specifically the first one. We have a small lamp in our room and the lamp shade is currently in the boys room (long story that involves a 4 year old and lights needing to be left on at night).

Oh, that lamp shade would be perfect for the sconces we need to get for our bedroom. Linda, i have taken some stained glass classes and you are talented.

Good job, thanks for sharing.


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Thanks. The lamps are marked $155 to $170. We'll see how they go at the art fair tomorrow.

Jessy, I could incorporate dichroic into a plate, but that stuff is expensive. A plate made with nothing but dichroic would be off the charts! LOL
Maybe when I get better at fusing, I will attempt plates/bowls with dichroics.

Annie, that lilac piece is one of my favorites, too.


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Linda, yougottabekiddingme?!?! Wow! Beautiful items.

My DD would love to have some of those pieces! She loves dichroic jewelry and art glass. Christmas present?? I like the lilac piece also.

I'm looking for a lamp base for a glass shade that I have. The ones you are showing are lovely. Might I ask where you purchase them?

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Oh well can I at least steal your picture and use it as wallpaper? Please?

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Amazin', just amazin'! Beautiful works of art. Do you have a website with your pieces offered for sale?

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river, I get them through one of my suppliers. They average $50-75 for bases of that size. Smaller ones can range $25-50.

Jessy, go nuts, girl. If you want that photo for wallpaper you have my blessing! LOL

Brenda, no website. I am trying the art fair for the first time this weekend. We'll see how successful that is. I will be heading over there in just a bit to see how the girls are doing. Tomorrow is my day to tend our booth.


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Your work is really beautiful, Linda! Mmmmm...one of those lamps would look great in my bungalow-esque house.

I'd love to know what "dichroic" means exactly and how it is different from other types of glass? Thanks.


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You are very talented!

Isn't it so much fun to be creative?

I have not done stained glass in yrs..and was never as good as you..
Your jewels are very pretty too:)

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You are so talented.

I love your jewelry and the lamps are just beautiful.

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Linda those are all beautifully made.
I especially like the lampshades. I'm sure you must have done very well at the art fair. You have real talent.

Wishing you lots of success!


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Linda, it's all beautiful! I hope the art fair went well...


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Another here who wonders just what "dichrotic" glass is...I know it when I see it, I lust over it...but just what is it?
Linda C

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Well, art fair sales were sluggish. I visited with many of the vendors and they all said the same. The little stuff was selling but the higher end items got looked at and passed by. Oh well...

As for dichroic glass, here is one description I found that explains it pretty well:

"Dichroic glass is beautiful sparkly glass that was originally developed for the aeronautics industry.

It must be manufactured in a vacuum chamber where an electron beam deposits many microscopic layers of metallic oxides, such as magnesium and titanium, on glass. This metallic coating absorbs and reflects different colors of light at different angles, making the glass multi-hued.

Because of the complexity involved in making it, dichroic glass is quite costly, $100- $200 per square foot. It was originally created for satellite mirrors, but it now has many high-tech applications in fiber optics, infrared lasers, motion picture equipment and even sun glasses."

It is lovely, isn't it?


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Linda, it is so beautiful. Have you considered selling on Ebay?

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Oh Linda, you are very talented. Everything is beautiful. I especially love the lamps.


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Oh my GOSH! I love that jewelry!!!!!! You need to set up a web site where we can buy your things Linda! I'm serious as a dichroic!

By the way, how do you pronounce that?

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Ebay, Linda, Ebay.

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Oh, Linda!! I love dichroic glass jewlery. I have a few pieces and always get complements when I wear them. Yours are truly lovely!!

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There is so much of this on ebay already. I used to love ebay, but it has gotten so commercial in the last couple of years. I dunno....

I sell the pieces in my shop, and sold a few at the art fair last weekend. I will find an outlet for them, I am just not sure ebay is it.


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I loved it all. Is that pendant and earrings a red, or more of an orangy red. I think it is gorgeous.
I agree with Jessy on a plate made with perhaps a piece of dichroic glass, or a little arrangement of it on one side. Darn, you stuff is absolutely gorgeous!

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