genesDecember 19, 2011

RC, any decent little 7" tablets out there that you have seen on CG with Android 2.3 or better for a steal???

Think I finally got the 10" Flytouch 3 working the way it was supposed to with a hard reset to factory..Still not a whiz with androic like I imagine you

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

well I just ordered the other day this one which is a refurb but if you go to amazon and some of the other sites with user reviews you will see it has a good over all review. It is an 8" size. It has a 1Ghz processor rather than the 8. Not a dual core but at least more powerful.
Plus it has the higher resolution and does a lot of interesting other stuff.
Vizio 8-inch LED 4 GB Tablet Computer (Refurbished) w/ free Folio Case

8-inch VIZIO Tablet (VTAB1008)

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Looks good, kinda rich for a little have mentioned, I am in Canada so that creates some problems with online ordering from some of those stores (including Amazon)...Not in any big rush, so maybe I will keep my eyes open and China Grabber may have some good deals soon..Thats where I got the Flytouch..since the reset, its actually doing pretty good..biggest complaint so far with it is the wifi reception distance..not very good...Will have to try hooking up the GPS antenna and see if I can get rid of that Shanghi location..bugs the crap out of me...

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

my sylvania has the Shanghi location but I set it in the settings and after a brief time at the boot up it then switches and gives the correct location and time and weather but it does always start on boot with the original location info.

Well I just got a notice that the Vizio is now at for $179.99

China Grabber always has a good selection I was going to get one from there but then I saw some info on the vizio and decided to give it a try. Hopefully they will do an update to it in th future to 3.0.

I have seen a few that had a mash up with 2.3 and 3.0, interface was 3.0 the rest 2.3.

I know from what I have read the launcher for the vizio is not the best so I will probably go with a launcher from the market like launcher pro.

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