Decorating ornaments

luvstocraftJanuary 30, 2008

I'm hoping Oddie or one of you other crafters can advise me on this. I bought lots of pretty gold trim when Hancock Fabrics store was closing and I have some old plain gold Christmas ornaments. I was thinking that maybe I could use the trims to fancy them up a bit. Has anyone ever tried this? What kind of glue do you reccommend? Will the hot glue gun cause the ornament to break? Is it worth the effort? I held some of the braids and trims against the ornaments, and they look pretty good together. What do you think? Luvs

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Luvs, I've never tried hot glue on glass ornaments so I can't help you with that. I would love to know if hot glue can be used also.

I used a spray adhesive on the back of the trims & then applied them to the ornaments. It was a messy job doing it that way, but it did work.

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I have used hot glue - it does not break the ornament but I find it makes the trim kinda lumpy if you are heavey handed with the glue. I really like Beacons FabricTac - I use it for just about everything - it is clear and holds quick - I t hink you can also use Jewel-it......


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When I decorated my Angel feather ornament I used GE silicon glue/caulk on it...

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Oh it sounds like fun. I've decorated many glass ornaments and I've always used aleene's tacky glue in the gold bottle and a low temp hot gun(for instant hold but very very sparingly).
I can't wait to see what you come up with, I'm sure it's going to be beautiful!!


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Thanks ladies, I was thinking that I probably should go buy a tacky glue. I'm just concerned that my trim pieces not slide around on me--that could be a mess. That's why I wondered about the glue gun--because it holds immediately, but was worried that the heat might break the ornament. I already took some gold finish off of one just cleaning it

Pattico, I have a hard time squeezing the GE II tube. How did you manage to work with it on that gorgeous ornament? Did you squeeze some out on a plate and then use a toothpick or something? I have two tubes of it in the craft room.

I'll play with these ornaments, and let you know how it goes. If they turn out decent, I'll post pics! LOL


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Sorry luvs! posted to a couple post then computer started messing up and had to shut it off, looks like you got the info you were looking for! will look forward to seeing your finished project!

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When I used the GE glue I just squeezed straight from the tube...and a small hole.


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Well, I played a bit yesterday. These ornaments are terrible, the gold comes off really easily--they were a 99 cent TS find so thought they'd be perfect to play with. I had a hard time getting the trim on straight around the ornament, and when I'd lift it to reposition, the gold lifted too! Think I will re-donate these ornaments to the TS and use my pretty trims on some other project. Luvs

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Luvs, I'm so sorry your ornaments messed up. What kind of glue did you use? Maybe you could paint the ornaments.

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I have been making ornaments for family members every year as gifts, I use the holiday rub on transfers then spray the inside with adhesive and fill it with a cordinating glitter. I also bought some of the Jesse James buttons for christmas. They have gingerbread people, snowflakes, xmas cookies, etc..,I clip off the button hole on the back and put those inside the ornaments also. I also have used the Delta paint products and painted some that way. They all turned really nice and everyone usually asks me if I am going to do new ones every year.

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Louannmarie, sorry I did not get back to this post until now. Your ornaments sound great, care to share a photo with us? I'd love to see them.

Well, I hate to throw things away, so I remembered some white ornaments that I have. They are the styrofoam with the satin "strings" covering them. Haven't used them in a long time so decided to try putting some of my trims on them. Not sure where I will use them, maybe just in a glass jar or bowl, but they were easy to do by just attaching the trim with straight pins.

And a long long time ago, we discussed making a beaded ornament. Well, I finally sat down and did one. They are really pretty, but very time consuming. However, I think some pastel colored ones would look great in my apothecary jar--or better still, to do some with styrofoam eggs for Easter.

Here's a couple pics, sorry I'm not a good photographer.


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Luvs ~ those are exquisite. Don't you just love having originals. You must have loads of do this kind of work.

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Just Beautiful! luvs, alot of work I am sure, but gosh so very beautiful! want to try beads on a easter egg also, have seen some very pretty ones, are your beads attached with stright pin?
Love the trim on your ornaments so pretty, you sure do have alot of patience!,dont know if I could do that without loseing mine LOL!

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Thanks for the compliment Justlinda. No, I really don't have allot of patience, I really prefer quick projects but also like to recycle things if possible. I had all these styrofoam ornaments so wanted to find a use for them! LOL

Oddie, yes, everything is just attached with straight pins. On the beaded one, I put a small bead on then the larger bead so that the larger bead would not slip off the head of the pin. I had seen these in a magazine, and it actually said you might have to use two straight pins if the bead opening was too large, but I liked my smaller bead method.

On the gold trim, if you remember, I had tried gluing them on a glass ornament, but that was difficult for me to get them on straight. These were easy because I could just pull the pin out and readjust if necessary.

The beaded ones are not really an inexpensive craft, since it takes so many beads--but I love sparkly things, so guess they are worth the time and expense. (Sure would be easier to just find some already made to buy!) LOL


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I decorate the satin covered styrofoam balls with beads (lots of them) and any pieces of trim I have on hand. Also add dangles and stuff from old broken jewerly.
I found a glue once and can't seem to find it again. It was called either "Quick Grip" or "Quick Grab" and it worked so slick for things like this as it only took a tiny bit and it really did grip things fast. You didn't have to sit and hold stuff in place until it set up.Can't seem to find it again and can't remember where I bought it. (I think my "rememberer" .) is broke

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Hi Luvs.
I love that beaded one.If you do another beaded one you may want to try putting glue on the ornie,then rolling it in the beads.May be faster,but you'll also probably have to go back and fill in some places.

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Hi Kathi, thanks for the tip, but I think these beads are too big for that technique. It would work well with the tiny beads I'll bet. I'm hoping to find some like these in soft pastel colors too. Would like to make a few that I could put in my glass jar or a pretty bowl.

Posieh, we would love to see pics of your ornaments too. I was thinking that "dangles" would be neat on them. I still have about 20 of these styrofoam ornaments that I need to cover with something pretty (and easy).


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Those turned out so good Luvs! I LOVE the beaded one. Sure worth your time and effort! The trim looks awesome on the satin ones too. I knew they'd be cute! ha Quit trying to downplay your talent! None of us are buying it! :D Can't wait to see your eggs! ~Anj

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Luvstocraft........Finally found my glue at Joann's. It is easy to use, as it hold things quick and is called "Quick Grip". You don't need to set and hold things together. Yes, those glass ornaments can be a "bugger",,,the color comes off easy. Good Luck.

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Thanks Posieh, I'll be sure to look for that glue when I get to Joann's next time. Thanks for the tip. Luvs

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