Are there any beaders here? Peyote ?

tami_ohioJanuary 15, 2012

Hi, I am most active on the Kitchen Table forum, but do check in here sometimes.

I am a beginning beader. I have ONE bracelet that I learned to do in a class, and have no idea what the stitch might be called. I purchased a book to learn the different stitches. I have been working on the spiral and managed a bracelet and a pair of earrings for Halloween. I would like to learn the peyote stitch, but just can't get reading the pattern thru my head. I have watched many YouTube videos, but none show a pattern or how to read it. I've tried Fire Mountain Gems site, and Beading Daily's sites with no luck. The book I have shows a black and white bracelet, supposedly so it would be easy to read. I can do counted cross stitch, but the peyote pattern just blurs together,and I get lost. I can manage the first couple of rows where there is no design to the pattern, but once it starts changing from plain stitch to a design, I get lost. Can someone explain an easy way for me to read these pattersn? If so, I greatly appreciate it!


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Hi Tami,
the forums have been slow lately. I just wanted you to know you are not ignored. I don't bead so I can't help you unfortunately.
Good luck.

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Concretenprimroses, thank you for thinking of me! I do understand that the forums are slow right now. So am I!lol! I do appreciate you responding.

Nelles, Thank you! I have only read thru the first one, but it was very helpful. I have book marked all three places, and will look them over as I have more time, hopefully this evening.

I used to do counted cross stitch, and it really bugs me that I am finding peyote stitch so difficult to read. I think that first site will work good for me. Now if I can figure out how to make my scanner enlarge patterns, that will help even more. If not, I'll do it at the library, since the librarian was so helpful in showing me how yesterday!


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