Tutus Anyone?

shetlandJanuary 6, 2010

I just started making "No Sew" tutus for DD and to give as gifts for my friend's DDs for b-days, etc. So far, I have made two of them and they have come out really well, especially considering I am pretty un-crafty. The one thing that is making them "amateur" looking is that the ribbon wrapped around the waist-band is sloppy-looking and I can't figure out how to make it look neat. I am supposed to be wrapping the satin ribbon around the elastic waist-band, in between the pieces of tulle, but somehow it just doesn't look neat and you can still see the waist-band when it is done. Any tips?

One more thing- I would like to try to attach a large flower to the waist-band and have only been able to find the ones at Michael's and AC Moore that are attached to stems in the floral section. Are these the same ones and I am supposed to just cut off the stems, or are there different ones specifically designated for clothing/accessory use? I asked the woman there and the ones she showed me were tiny little "embellishments" that cam in a bag. I want to ones that look real. Thankls for any advice!

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Shetland, can you post a picture of one? Or explain how you are making it? Perhaps you could carefully hand stitch a ribbon to the waist band to cover the whole thing. As for the flower, try making a ribbon flower. I think it was Kudzuqueen who had one on her blog that she had made into a poinsettia, but if you used different ribbon, it could look like any flower. Yes, it was Kudzu. I will post a link for you. She makes it look pretty easy to do. Then you could just stitch it to the waistband. She also has coffee filter roses in the blog before you scroll down to the ribbon flower. I do not suggest you try those with the tutu, as I think they would tear when the girls wore them to play in.

Kudzu, I hope you don't mind my posting the link to your blog for her.


Here is a link that might be useful: kudzu's blog

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