When Microsoft ends support for XP in a few months

kudzu9December 19, 2013

I've always encouraged people to bite the bullet and upgrade to a new operating system when getting a new computer, rather than clinging to an old OS they are more comfortable with. However, I know from hanging out on this forum that some people are very reluctant to move on, or have an older computer that they don't want to get rid of quite yet. Microsoft will end support for XP in spring 2014, which means that security and other updates will no longer be produced for this more than 10 year old OS. For those who are still using XP, this means that you will be more vulnerable to new Internet threats and viruses.

However, if you are in this category, there are a few things you can do, nonetheless, to be a little more secure. The link below is to a useful article I just came across that gives details on why you will be vulnerable and tips on things you can do to be a little more secure after XP support ends.

After XP Support Ends

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That is not true, if you have AVG2014 it updates daily and is awesome, no prob. with viruses. I have and XP among my 5 PC's and it runs great and will for many yrs. yet.
There is life without MS support, just keep all software updated.

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What's not true?

Your comment to "just keep all software updated" is fine for what can be updated, but the software of the XP operating system can't be updated when Microsoft quits doing updates. If you read the whole article, it recommends among other things keeping your AV updated. Obviously you can continue to update your independent antivirus software. But no AV will protect you from all potential security breaches with an OS that is no longer being updated.

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Most of the updates or security updates from ms are for IE=internet explorer, and I'm telling you if you keep AVG updated and malewarebytes etc. you will have no problems, if IE does give you a problem then simply download another browser.
XP should be just fine for more yrs. of use.

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And for some of us learning how to operate a new browser is like pulling the rug out from under. Scariest thing in the world, and for those that are on edge, take heart, do the change, even if you don't use the browser steady, at least learn how to use it, doesn't take up that much on the machine. Can help in the long run.
Download, and learn at your leisure.

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P.S. Also keep Java and Adobe updated

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hoovb zone 9 sunset 23

best to disable java completely. google on "why to disable java" for more information.

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If I were running xp those are the first 2 products I'd get rid of.

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Since I have a Windows 7 computer, I've decided to try to learn to use a Linux distro. After doing much reading, I downloaded LinuxMint with Mate desktop, version 13 (because it's being supported until 2017), 32 bit. I have burned the .iso DVD. Next is to try booting with the disk and giving it a try. I'll spend some time with it, and if I think I find it easy to use after about a week's trial, then I'll install it to dual boot with XP. Haven't booted with the disk as yet since I want to have some uninterrupted time for this, so wish me luck. If all goes well, I'll have learned to use another OS without spending $$$.

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Richard (chuggerguy)


You'll probably love Mint. Definitely worth a try.

But if you're bored and have time on your hand, another candidate might be Linux Lite. It's running so well on my netbook that I think I'm probably going to put it on my new desktop.

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I almost downloaded another distro recommended for XP users since it's supposed to have a very similar desktop. It's called Zorin OS.

"A general-use distribution that mimics the look, feel, and functionality of Windows. This is geared for those who prefer the Windows interface or need an easier way to transition from Windows to Linux. Based on: Ubuntu."

My son has an old Dell laptop that has only 256MB RAM, so Puppy Linux would be great to try on that one.

Yes, I'll try several before deciding which one to actually install. BTW, I did boot into Mint last evening, and at first was totally lost. However, I soon found the start menu, etc., so I am anxious to give it a try.

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Would all your programs run on Linux? I have so many XP computers, I'd like to find some way to keep using them.


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