Reverse Osmosis Water Filter + Chilled Water

lalitharNovember 17, 2012


We are doing a RO system by Kinetico. Is there anyway to get a water chiller connected to this so that we can have *cold* filtered water? We do not have a dispenser in the Fridge, so this would have to a separate water chiller. I understand about RO systems needing PEX lined piping etc.. So I guess the question is if there is a RO compatible water chiller.



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Are you thinking of a water cooler, such as is found in some offices? If so, if you google Kinetico water coolers or chillers, you'll find some. And some have the filter built in.


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Sorry for not being more clear.. I was thinking a setup where I would have a beverage faucet at the sink that is connected to the water chiller which is connected to the RO (Kinetico K5).



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Some water sources, when subject to reverse osmosis filtering, become acidic (low pH), which could cause metal ion leaching from metals such as brass. To avoid this there are two approaches.

One is to use inert tubing such as PEX (for large diameters 1/2 and up), regular polyethylene tubing (the usual approach for 1/4 or 3/8 diameters -- Portage Specialty Co., McMaster-Carr, etc.), or stainless steel. Stainless steel tubing and storage tanks would also be suitable for water chillers.

The other approach is to follow up the RO system with a cartridge that buffers the water pH to slightly alkaline. (SpectraPure may have these.) This might add some calcium ions to the water, so the reason for using an RO system would be a factor; that is, whether it is mainly for cleaning or to make nearly distilled water).

As it happens, my RO water is slightly alkaline, so leaching is not an issue. I use 3/8 poly for household distribution.


Here is a link that might be useful: Portage Specialty Co

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