Anyone know how to make furniture appliques?

rjingaJanuary 4, 2010

I've posted on the woodworking forum, and searched the internet. I'm hoping to find out what materials are needed to make the very cute shabby/cottage like appliques to put on furniture. Most for sale describe being made of resin or something like that. I purchased some at Lowe's ($$$) that are carved wood.

I'm interested in the resin type. Here's a pic, if anyone knows of anywhere on line they may have seen for this? thanks!!!

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I've always thought of trying it w/a cake decorating 'tool'(or pastry bag)using wood putty. It seems like it *could* work, but maybe it's just my overactive imagination. ;o)

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well pattycakes if you try it, please let me know how it works :) not a bad idea, I also have considered something similar using caulk, which would work on a wall to make cute embellishments on a wall. I actually saw that on a TV Home show once, they did a border using a stencil to out line the pattern and then a caulking gun and caulk of course, let it dry and then painted over it. could work! Wood putty definitely seems like it would be better for furniture. but I would think then you could only do very small decorations?

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I think you're right about the decorations being smaller, and they would also have to be glued on, unlike the caulk. I think I saw that on an old Christopher Lowell episode~I used to love his show! ;o)

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You could buy one, make a cast of it and reproduce more- I'm probably doing some copyright breaking here! There are instructions all over the internet on how to cast things.

You could also look in the ads in the back of some of the home decorating mags. They have companies that specialize in these architectural details.

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Not too long ago someone on the home dec forum needed to replace a part of some decorative appliques on an old headboard. She found a product that was made just for that. I bet it would work for your project as well. I will look for the post but if I can't find it perhaps you can post over there and ask.

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I saw that post and have since purchased the material "quickwood" for a repair project I had. It is a really great product and easy to work with, but what I would see as the problem (although this material is SUPER) is that it would not be conducive to manipulating it into anything with any real detail. In other words, it's great for filling in spaces and can be relatively easily molded into a specific shape, but to have any degree of carved detail (like an shabby chic style designs), it would not work.

I'm yet to find a recipe or instructions that anyone has tried successfully.

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I did some searching on the web and I think that maybe these are made by pouring resin into a mold.

There are websites that sell resin materials and the rubber for making the molds.. One is called Aldax( It is Australian but seemed to have good information. Whay don't you email them your photo and ask how it could be made?

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I found this in Romantic Homes magazine: Cottage chic appliques at

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