Glass Blocks--PICS

qtiemomJanuary 16, 2009

I get mine at either Home Depot or Lowes for $3.75 a block and I think like $36.00 for a case--- my hubby uses a diamond drill bit with a bit of cold water to cool the drill bit off. It is so much cheaper and doesn't take long at all.

I do the ones with just bows and I also do ones with pics

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Qtiemom, your glass blocks are just beautiful.. thanks for sharing, gives me tons of ideas for next year.. may I ask where do you find such lovely pictures..?

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Those are sooooo beautiful !!!!

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Thank You Thank You! I usually get my graphics online. There are lots of sites that you can get them free....I will go through my list and give you some websites as soon as I can get a day

Thank you both for the comments!


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Very pretty and very classy. I've got a case of these sitting in my garage and have had plans to make them for 2 years now! LOL Maybe this will be the year I do that. Thanks for sharing and I'd also love to see some of the links you have for graphics. Hope you have a great day!


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How do you get your pic's and what do you put them on with...BEAUTIFUL...

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I was just browsing the site and came across this post.

I love your blocks. I have 25-30 in my garage right now
waiting to be made.
I got mine with the holes already in them from Hobby Lobby.
They are normally $10.00 each, but with a coupon I got them half price.

I also stocked up on battery operated Christmas lights to use.

Are your lights plug in or are they battery?

Also, how did you get the pictures to stay on the glass?

Beautiful Job.


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Really beautiful!! I like all of them!! Jan

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Just Beautiful! made one a few years ago, not as pretty as yours of course, have one in my craft room I need to do, just cant deside how I want to decorate it, got a pretty handy hubby so cutting out the hole wont be a problem.

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how do you get the pictures to stick and where do you find therm they are awesome

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