Confirmation gifts and table favors.........

iowajewelJanuary 20, 2007

Need some ideas.

My last child will be confirmed this spring and I am looking for something new to do for his celebration brunch for familly and friends.

Any ideas????


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Not very new or exciting, but how about white chocolate lollypops or rod pretzel chocolate tips as favors?

If it will be closer to springtime you may want to consider flower bulbs in organza bags or terracotta pots.

Or a hand trowel with your son's name and confirmation date on the handle.

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Thanks for your ideas...........especially the spring bulbs! His confirmation is April 29th.....the end of the month and after Easter.
I have been considering.....small picture frames or nice luggage tags to hold placecards, boxes of candies and even found Christian chocolate lollipops that I could place on each dinner plate with a thankyou tied on with a ribbon. Just want to make this special......and very memorable, not only for my son, but his whole family!
For my daughter's, we just decorated some boxes of candies and placed their placecard on it too. Worked and they had fun doing it, but was looking for something a bit different this time.
Thanks for your ideas. I really do love the bulb idea.....

Also need to think of something wonderful and unique for his sponsors!
THanks for responding!!!!!!!!

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Another thought:
For my son's wedding I painted smooth river stones and put names on them instead of paper placecards. The stones were decorated like the invitation--cream with pale blue and lavendar flowers.

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How about making up cute little bags of edible sunflower seeds (you can get the little sealable food bags at the craft store). Make a label to fit on the bag that has a big sunflower on one side, the words "Let the Son shine", and your son's name (a confirmation name if he has one in your denomination) and the date. Then on the other side of the bag on another label, print a poem something like this:

The seeds of (denomination) faith are sewn
By church, family and friends,
Into a life in God and Christ
And joy that never ends.

We made this gift of seeds for you
In thanks for the part you play,
As (son's name) confirms his true belief
That we celebrate today!

As for his sponsors, what about planting a tree in a park somewhere, in their honor, and say something about how, as the tree will grow strong and tall, so their love and support will help your son grow strong and stand tall in his faith. You could write that up and put it in a nice frame, and then take them at some future time to the tree with your son and have the picture taken.

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AWESOME idea and poem!!!!!!

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Hi, I am wondering about your religion's confirmation. My daughter just made hers a couple of years ago. In our religion (RC), each child has one sponsor, usually a godparent or close relative.

The sponsor gives the child making his/her confirmation a gift, usually a cross. My brother's wife sponsored my daughter, and DB and SIL gave my daughter a beautiful cross. We found a beautiful thank you sponsor card at the Hallmark. We again celebrated with a dinner at a Japanese Steak House (DD's pick) with immediately family again. I guess depending on your religion, things are done differently.

When DH and I became godparents to my nephew, we gave him his christening gown, made the arrangements for the christening party catering, a bond and a young weeping cherry tree as the gift. The tree has now been moved from one house to a new one and thank goodness survived. Every spring it blooms and reminds my godson of our love blooming each year for him as he gets older. We didn't receive gifts as godparents either. Again RC baptism.

Also, do you have a big party for confirmation? Most of the parties in my religion are given after First Communion. I didn't do that, but a lot do. We had a nice luncheon at a local historical spot that has a small restaurant. It was immediate family. We aren't the big party type for religious occasions, but I think it is great that you are celebrating your son's confirmation.

It is very interesting to learn how different religions celebrate the different occasions!

God Bless!

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