need a poem for an apple cozy

missy11January 12, 2011

as I was searching the web I came across some crochet apple cozies... so cute... I am making tons to give to teachers and friends that work at the school... the purpose of the cozy is to protect your apple from getting bruised in the purse or lunch bag... and they're cute!!! .lol... I need a creative person to come up with a couple of poems.. one for teachers... and one give to friends ..... thanks in advance.... by the way its great to be back here... I have missed all the talent...

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YouâÂÂve heard what they say about apples:
Eat one everyday to keep strong.
And if you will heed this old saying,
Your life you will surely prolong.

But toting an appleâÂÂs not easy,
Where's it go till you know when itâÂÂs time
To eat it, youâÂÂll have a good apple,
Not one thatâÂÂs all covered with grime?

So to keep your apple from bruising,
IâÂÂve made this apple cozy for you
Cuz I want you to eat what is healthy,
And keep your apple looking like new.

The line
IâÂÂve made this apple cozy for you
can be changed to
IâÂÂm giving this apple cozy to you. (No period)

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Great!!!! thanks so much!!!!!

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Sounds like fun ! Wonder where I can obtain the pattern for the cozy?

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