Our weekend in Maine!

calilooSeptember 18, 2007

Yep - the boys and I decided to head out for the long weekend and went up to Ogunquit. The trip was a little longer then I planned, it seems little bladders need frequent stops LOL!

Anyway, we had a blast and I didn't think it is possible, but I am SICK OF LOBSTER! LOLOLOL!

Here are a few photos of my guys....

Both DS's expolring the rocks with a family friend

Lobstering with another family friend...

100 lbs of lobster (yes, that is a 55 gallon drum half full). NOt bad for a morning.

The Bittersweet

Dinner that night

Lunch the next day - a little tired, are we? LOL!

Sounds good to me!

We had an absolute blast and we all can't wait to go up again.


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Oh! It's been years since i have eaten a fresh lobster!
Linda C

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Great pictures, Alexa! Your little lobster lovers sure have grown, haven't they :) Love your little guy looking so tired and his missing teeth - doncha just love that???????

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Oohhh! The boys look like they had a wonderful time.

I love Maine. Wish I could go now.

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I love Maine too, I've spent two separate vacations there. I do have to disagree on the "tired of lobster" part, though. I ate lobster every chance I had, including at the McDonald's (yes, they had a lobster roll value meal, LOL) and never tired of it. Yum.

Your boys sure are getting big, Alexa, how in the world did that happen?


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Whoa! That looks like my kind of vacation! Have never been to Maine, but now I am inspired!

Alexa, your pictures are so wonderful! The boys look like they are having the time of their lives....well...at least up until the soup course...LOL!

Thanks so much for sharing your vacation! Of course, you know that it's your fault that I am ordering Maine travel brochures, don't you???


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Yummy! Looks like a fun-filled trip.

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Thanks everyone!

We finally finished the last of the lobster I brought home this morning in Lobster Omelettes. I honestly don't recall the alst time I had lobster for lunch and/or dinner every day for a week!

We really did have fun - there isn't a etter place in the world to spend a fall weekend IMHO. Most of the tourists had gone and the town was comparably quiet. Of course seeing old friends and having way too much fun helped a lot. LOL.

And yea, the boys are getting big. Sigh. I keep threatening to put bricks on their heads to slow them down but I doubt it would work.

Thanks again for looking everyone!


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Oh Alexa that must have been a real treat! I can imagine how much fun it was for your two boys. And I think it's great that they will also eat lobster where I know of young kids who wouldn't go near them because they look a bit too scary to eat LOL.

You picked a perfect time to travel! Thanks for posting those lovely photos.


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Ya just gotta stop feeding them Alexa !

Looks like you had a ball-- memories in the making !

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Awwwwww. Blink, and they are grown and gone. Just wait until they are taller than you!

Thanks for sharing your weekend.

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I wanna go too and eat ton's of lobster!

Thanks for the pic's, your boys are precious.


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What handsome young boys you have! The pic of the little one nodding off in his soup just cracked me up! They do try to keep going 'til they drop, don't they?

Looks like a wonderful mini vacation!

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Alexa Great pics!!! We are headed to Ogunquit next weekend. So tell me do I order my lobster roll with or without mayo?

Clive isn't a huge lobster fan...silly boy...but he will love the clam chowder.

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I've been to Maine once and stayed in the Sebago Lake area. I love Maine!

Looks like you guys had a wonderful weekend. Your boys are so cute.

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Well not to jump in or anything, but as a true Mainer, born and raised, I would suggest light mayo with a toasted roll, for your lobster rolls. Yum!!

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Thank you indicanoe ( who I think needs to meet doucanoe!)

I'll give it a go..is that light mayo as in "diet" mayo or something different?

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Hehe, light mayo as in not too much. Just enough to give some creaminess, but not enough to overpower the lobster. Hope you enjoy it!!

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Alexa, great pics and great fun! Your boys are getting so big.

Sharon, are you heading to Ogunquit for a special occasion? We were just there, and had a blast.

Alexa, did you see the guy with the two dogs in the red cadillac (painted like a cow) while you were there?

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I just got back from Ogunquit last week, too! Great place! I had lobster for lunch and dinner, then a lobster roll and lobster stew the next day for lunch. We also came back with a huge wild blueberry pie that was pulled from the oven while we were in this great little pie shop. Wow. I was overcome by pie fumes all the way back to Massachusetts where we were staying.

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Wow, looks like you guys had a blast! Chance loves lobster too! Wish we lived closer to those opportunities.


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