Michigan Run Pictures from my viewfinder

annie1992September 30, 2007

I've spent all weekend trying to get my DSL to work and of course, it doesn't, in spite of 2 calls to AT&T and 3 to Dell. Of course, two of those Dell calls got disconnected before I could speak to "My name is (unintelligible) but you can call me Shawn". Sigh. Anyway, I finally gave up and hooked up my old dial up so I could post these pictures.

Food first? OK, here's RobinKate's prizewinning nectarine jam, along with the cinnamon rolls for Saturday's breakfast just rising and Pat T's marmalade cream cheese bars.

We also had bran muffins with Nancy's Apple Maple Jam, Craftyrn's peach ricotta muffins and Ann T's Scones, along with Ann T's cream cheese danish:

Marilyn's Lemon Cake roll shared dessert places with Sherry's brownies (on the cake plate Michelle brought me) and Carol's (readinglady) fresh fruit and berries in vanilla syrup with fingers of scottish shortbread:

We had Lars' Algerian chicken served on San's mermaid platter (which everyone loves, both chicken and platter), Donna's hummus with homemade pita chips, Terri's honey wheat bread, Chase's dill pickles.

Drinking? Who said anything about drinking? Well, we did have just a little. Sherry brought some frozen margaritas, aren't they a pretty green color. Some is left in my freezer!

Linda made Sangria but we pretty much drank it before I could get a picture, LOL. Both pitchers!

Oh and we had a bit of wine too. Some Michigan Traverse City Cherry, some red stuff called "Woop Woop", some hard cider, some other red stuff, LOL, and some white stuff. I'm such a wine expert. (grin)

We used some items from other forum members. My tablecloth was courtesy of san and my tablerunner was from Karen (riverrat). I used san's platter, of course, and baked Sharon CB's salmon pie in a pie pan I got from David (lakeguy). We used napkins I got from Kathy (gardengrl):

San sent engagement gifts for Elery and I, a beautiful blue tablecloth and a wine decanter. Carol (readinglady) also sent an engagement gift, some heavy pewter measuring spoons with a hanger that says "Heart of the Home". Elery was pleasantly surprised to be included:

He shouldn't have been surprised, Sherry brought American Spoon Foods products for everyone, including Elery. Linda (doucanoe) brought him a very unique glass topped wine stopper, and she made me two gorgeous plates. Michelle made everyone handmade potholders:

San also sent a door prize, a champagne opener, which Linda won as the person who travelled the furthest. Linda says she'll use it. LOTS! (grin)

Linda also made a wonderful green beaded bracelet for Michelle and a leaded glass suncatcher for Sherry:

San also sent an anniversary gift to Sherry and Roger, a spiral candleholder and tall elegant candles, but Sherry's favorite was the Dove chocolates, which she says is "medicinal". (grin) Our San sure knows her stuff!

Sherry brought me a jacket that fits perfectly, a rusty brick color that Ashley says goes with my red hair. I've already worn that to work, and Jessica sent fig preserves for everyone. Well, everyone except Sherry, although Roger did get a jar. (grin)

Michelle brought a nice, heavy glass cake plate that I promptly used to serve Sherry's Brownies:

Is that all? Heck no! We ate, drank, ate some more. We had some cheese, including some dark brown, kind of sweet and caramel-y stuff that I can pronounce. Sherry's Norwegian foreign exchange student gave it to her and she served that and some manchego on plates from David (lakeguy)

We also had some Black Star Farms raclette from right here in Michigan, some local Amish yogurt cheese, some of the mimolette that San loves so well, and I forget what else, LOL, besides the wine. We had some of Elery's white chili and Linda's Minnesota wild rice with the cheese, bread and wine on Saturday night along with Alexa's Cheddar and Chipotle biscuits (picture to follow later in this thread)

Other than that, we sat around and talked, ate, drank, talked, drank, ate some more. We told jokes, talked about family histories and our houses, told jokes and learned to speak "minnesotan", doncha know.

Sunday morning Elery and I took Linda to the airport and everyone else left for home. I was sorry to see them go, everyone was funny, smart, great house guests. Believe it or not, later that night we were hungry and Elery and I had leftovers. We had some of Linda's wild rice soup, some leftover pita, a bit of the raclette, some of Alexa's cheddar chipotle biscuits and some stuffed grapeleaves that Elery had purchased at the Mediterranean market.

I was sorry to see those three days end.....


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Thank you for the "virtual" party. By sharing so much you've included the rest of us. It looks like you ate and enjoyed! The food and beverages looked amazing!

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What a great time you had!! Thanks for sharing the photos - its always nice to actually see who's who from this forum!!! I'm soo jealous I couldn't be there with you!


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Carol Schmertzler Siegel

Great pictures, Annie, great food, great company and a great time!

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Dang! We ate and drank all that! No wonder I had to pay my buck at the Big Loser's Weight Loss club meeting! But you know what, it was worth every calorie! (and I only gained 2/10 of an ounce)

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most excellent. what could be better - good food, good drink, good friends and presents!!!!!

thanks again for sharing. i've been waiting for your pix.

annie, i can sympathize with ya on the DSL, when i first got it, i went through hell with it. we had to play around with all the filters on every phone jack, reset the modem, configure something else in the computer. a good friend of mine sat here and worked for a good couple of hours and dealt with the dsl company and dell. i loose my patience quite easily with that nonsense.


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Just looking at the pictures I've gained 5 lbs. Now that is one awesome spread of food, drinks and friends! It's always alot of fun to hear who sent you what in whatever swap it was. Thanks for sharing your amazing weekend with us Annie.

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Annie, I've enjoyed following this CF extravaganza. Thanks so much for sharing it with the rest of us. I'm truly "mind-boggled" at the thought of preparing so many dishes at one time. It must have taken you ages to do the planning alone, not to mention the actual preparation.

As for the DSL problem, I have a "fix" (taught to me by my 25-year-old DS) that usually works when I'm disconnected from the internet. Not sure it applies to your problem/situation, but here it is:

Turn off computer. Turn modem switch off; disconnect small black wire on back of router. Wait 30 seconds. Turn modem switch on; reconnect wire on router. Reboot computer. (The order of modem and router seems to make all the difference, so don't reverse the order.)

We have the router to create a "network" with a computer in another room. If you don't have one, you might try simply turning the modem switch off and on.



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Thanks, Sue. I want to "network" with Ashley's laptop so she can do some homework at home instead of doing it all at school in the library. However, the current problem appears to be that, in spite of a couple of hours on the phone with AT&T, who assured me that there would be no problem, I need some kind of USB adapter. It's ordered and we'll try again in a day or so. Sigh. I hate this, and if I had my way I'd cancel the internet AND the satellite television and just do all my email and such during lunch hours at the office!


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Oh this was so nice to see the pictures and remember the good time we had. Loved every minute and I could not have dreamed a better weekend get away!

However, I do think we drank a tad more wine then the number of empty bottles pictured...LOL!


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Michelle, I kept stacking the empties out for the garbage service, when they picked up on Thursday I think we had 13 empty bottles. LOL

Still, there were 6 of us and we were there for two days, so it's not so much, plus I had a half bottle of the cherry stuff left on the table, and we used some in cooking. I think. (grin)


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Looks like you all had a wonderful time Annie......and I've also gained some weight just looking at the food!

(I'll have a cinnamon bun and a glass of that green margarita please.)

Thanks for taking the trouble to upload all those photos! It must be a pain when your internet connection is failing.
Hope you get it fixed soon.


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Hooray, I have DSL and it works (for now). It only took 10 hours and 4 calls to AT&T. Ahem.

Anyway, pictures should be a LOT faster to load, it took me nearly two hours to take the ones on Photobucket and put them on this thread. That's after the 4 hour time it took to load them from the computer to Photobucket!

So, expect more pictures, LOL.


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Well what could be better? Friends, food, drink , connections-- sounds like a great weekend .

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Jeez - did you have enough food? Looks like a real food and gab fest - I'm so glad you could all get together! Thanks for the great pics.

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You know, Woodie, I was a little worried but I don't think anyone went away hungry. (grin)

And I do have three cinnamon rolls and half a bucket of margaritas left in the freezer. Wanna come over for breakfast?


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Wow, just wow! (Nice to see you again Linda!)

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Thanks for sharing. I had to work on short notice and it ruined that weekend for me. Wish I could have been there.

: )

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Michael, we missed you, I was so hoping that you were going to be able to make it, at least for supper.

Ah well, next time! That working for a living just sucks, doesn't it?


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Well...I finally got to seeing this one. Boy you all ate a lot!!! (I laugh cause it seems the right amount to me!!)

Glad you shared the fun with us Annie. Maureen

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Good grief! How many people were there? I think I lost track somewhere. :)

Sounds like you had a kick-butt time!

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