Minature candy wrappers

hailie419January 2, 2009

I would like to do minature candy wrappers for a friends 50th, can you just print on address labels & wrap them around the candy bar?If so what size should I look for? ANY TIPS/HELP is greatly appreciated!! Thanks!!!

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Maybe this will help. I've had fun making them for different occasions. I don't remember if I used a template or just made my own, but it isn't hard.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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try these sites for free printable wrappers: www.alenkasprintables.com & www.akidsheart.com - you can also google free mini candy bar wrappers and you will get a ton of sites

once printed just cut them out and wrap them around the mini bar(remove label) and glue the new wrapper in the back.

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For the Hershey Nuggets, I use an Avery return address label, 1 inch by 2 and 5 eights, putting my graphic in the center of the label. The Avery sheet has 30 labels on it.

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Thanks Everyone, brought the Avery labels & ready to go.....when you put on graphic, do you need a special program? Trying to figure out how to turn it, so it is facing the right way,when you wrap candybar.Sorry so confusing, I am not very crafty & thought I would try this. THANKS for all your help!!

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