Handmade Gift Ideas With Rosemary

StampingWithNoelJanuary 11, 2012

Anyone have a good idea for a handmade gift using Rosemary? My hubby has decided we have too much growing throughout our garden and wants to pull a few plants. I'd hate to see it all go to waste.

I'm thinking of doing firestarters (seems about right for this time of year, although not so much for where I live). I also thought of rosemary salt for the kitchen (sea salt in a jar with a sprig of rosemary ... wouldn't it pick up the oils over time as sugar does with vanilla bean?).

Any other ideas out there?

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On the idea of "food gifts" - a friend once gave me a bottle of orange-rosemary vinegar. And I've had rosemary-crushed hot pepper olive oil. I've seen people use the stems of the rosemary for skewers to grill with.

As for crafts - you could use the branches similar to evergreen branches to make a wreath or a culinary swag. A branch of rosemary would add a nice scent to a bouquet of flowers.

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Dry rosemary leaves can be incorporated into handmade paper. I did it.
They can be added to small stuffed toys - any stuffing, especially nice in toys filled with some kind of seed, like bird seed. (I once had a lot of bluebonnet seed (=lupine) and made small rag critters stuffed with it. They came out like miniature bean bags - very interesting.) Rosemary added to pillow stuffing is said to improve memory.

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Smudge sticks? I made some lavender one for a friend (and myself) who is very much into spirituality as they are used to bless and protect your home, according to native cultures.

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I just threw away a photocopy from a library book with a recipe for herb butter which could be frozen until gift-giving time. Too late for this batch of rosemary, perhaps, but maybe useful for another time. I wish I had the right climate for rosemary!

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