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lodaladyNovember 13, 2012

I have a Maytag Gemini double oven and the smaller oven seems to have a problem maintaining a consistent temperature. This came to light because I had a few dishes that didn't cook in the time indicated on the recipe. I bought an oven thermometer to check the temperature and according to the thermometer, the oven takes an additional few minutes, after the ready buzzer sounds, to actually reach the set temperature. When the dish is done, the temperature may be as much as 25 degrees higher than set.

Anyway, the repairman told me that there's nothing wrong with the oven, that electric ovens constantly fluctuate. I don't trust this oven to cook anything that I can't tell the doneness by looking at it. Does this sound accurate?

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Not unusual that the temp isn't stable at the setpoint immediately when the "ready" signal triggers. I always wait about 15 mins longer before loading the food.

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In general the preheat indicator goes off below the set temperature because the heating element is still hot and will contine to heat the oven for a few more minutes.
Also know that when the preheat goes off the air temperature around the sensor has indicated it was time to shut off but this does not mean that the oven sides, door and racks have all reached the same temperature.

Most cooks will allow an oven to settle into it's temperature. This may be an extra 15 to 30 minutes to allow the heat to soak all surfaces.
I've had customers who do fancy presentation baking and will let the oven settle for an hour before putting anything into it to ensure that all temperatures are even thoughout the oven. This may be extreme but they swear by it.

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I had a Maytag Gemini and you have the additional issue that the burners are much closer to the food so that things that are higher in sugar will burn really fast. Some things will just get done on top quicker. I used to pre heat the oven a good 25-50degrees above the temp needed and turn it down when I put the food in so that the element didn't have to come on right away. It was helpful with something with a short bake time but not with something that had to cook longer. It is true that the normal swing of temperature is 25 degrees either side of the set temp but this is governed by the thermostat. The small oven is different from a larger oven but you get used to it and find out what cooks well in it and what is best in the larger oven. I actually missed the little oven when we got rid of it. It is great for pizza.

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Okay, thanks for the feedback and the tips. I guess I'll just learn to deal with it and cook poultry in the other oven.

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As once pointed out to me by a customer. Most receipes have as their 1st item is "SET OVEN TO"
By setting the oven to whatever temperature you need before starting any other preperations you will, in most cases, ensure a good complete pre-heat and heat soak of your oven before putting any items into it.
It seems this is a lesson I teach a lot at this time of year.

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