Where Can I Find These Supplies?

moonwolf_gwJanuary 7, 2014

Hi everyone,

I want to make a pair of these shoes (not using the exact heels) for my Snow Queen costume for next year. I am unsure of where to find the wire cages used to attach to the shoes. I think I can find everything else at the craft stores/Wal-Mart/dollar stores.

I'll want to make a crown for her, too. I saw one on YouTube made from florist's wire and hot glue sprinkled with glitter. I was thinking of making one from wire, and maybe attaching strings of beads to it so it would look like icicles hanging down. I'll attach some snowflakes or icicles to it too, standing upright.

I want to carry something as well, to show her power/beauty. Either a staff, an orb, or a parasol with snowflake trim.

I also have a costume picked out. I plan on adorning it with rhinestones. Maybe some fake fur around the edges of the sleeves. Another thought was maybe gluing on some of those decorative snowflakes like I would use for the crown.

Sorry for rambling so much, but once my creative gears start turning on a project like this, I don't like to miss any details.

Brad AKA Moonwolf

Here is a link that might be useful: Snow Queen Shoes

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Brad those "cages" look like part of an ornament or container. If you go to Michael's or Hobby Lobby you might find something you could use. If you can't find the wire you could make your own using florist wire.netting.
You might also look for battery powered lights that you could use in your crown etc.
Happy creating !

Here is a link that might be useful: You can purchase wire and netting here

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Thank you, ingeorgia! Not sure when I'll be going to Hobby Lobby or Michael's again, but I will definitely look at both places.

I have the crown base started. I bought a pack of headbands from the dollar store and taped them together. I have lots of ideas for it.

Brad AKA Moonwolf

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You could use chicken wire. Spray with glue then sprinkle with glitter so it k
Looks fancy.

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I like that idea, Kathy!

I am unsure of whether to add an item of power, such as a staff or an orb (made of Styrofoam, and covered with colored mirror pieces, battery lights, and ornaments. I'm thinking of going with a staff. The Winter Queen needs to be prepared at all times lol.

Brad AKA Moonwolf

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I think you should go check out the local hardware store for a mesh type wire. I would think there would be several options there.

You might also check out the curtain rod finials for the power item. You could paint, glitter, or otherwise accessorize as you like.

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Brad, I wanted the video. Very clever, but the pointy part of the wire cage, and the snowflake look really uncomfortable. Will the person be wearing tights? That might help keep the snowflake from scratching her legs.

It really sounds like fun. Enjoy!

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colorcrazy, Well, I had planned on wearing white pantyhose with the costume, just in case people could see my feet. Do they even make them in that color to sell in stores? I saw they had them on a Halloween costume site.

I am heading to look and possibly buy some supplies for the shoes and my costume tomorrow at Hobby Lobby. I saw on their site they had fake fur, snowflake shaped sequins and rhinestones, and some things for my crown. In the video for the heels, the "ice" they use to attach to the heel of the shoe, where would I find that? I can't find it on the craft store sites. The town Hobby Lobby is in also has Michaels and AC Moore.

Brad AKA Moonwolf

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