painting our Ez-up Tent?

gladgrowingJanuary 27, 2008


I am wondering if any of you have experience with using the newer spray paints made for plastics on nylon canopy covers? I have a white ez-up, that has some mildew spots on it. As i may start selling crafts, value-added farm products, and produce from it - i would like to spray paint it to look best in the lovely mountain terrain we live in!

I know rustoleum and krylon make spray paints that adhere completely to plastics, so thought that might work?

Thanks for advice!

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I've not used those spray paints but you might want to go to the brand name of the paint website and see if they have any info there that might help you. Sorry I couldn't help more.


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I agree with Craftylady--do a little more research first. When I think of Nylon, I don't think "plastic". I'm sure there is a way to paint it, but not sure what product would work and not crack.

I used the plastic paints on some mesh look slingback seats on a patio set,and it worked really well. They've been out in the sun and rain and are holding up well.

Maybe you could find a little umbrella of the same type fabric and experiment on it before you do your big tent??? Good luck, and please come back and let us know what you ended up using.


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Listen to the advice of Luvs and won't be sorry. They have the market cornered on this stuff. They are great girls.

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I would definitely do a test sample first before doing your whole E-Zup. I would also check into Design Master spray paints. They have more of a dye quality about them than an actual coating like you think about when you think paints. It will probably be more expensive but I know you won't get the cracking and peeling you might get with the other products. I know it also holds up very well over the years......


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Thank you all, for your replies! I will write back if i make a choice and let you hear how it went! It will be some time ahead :)

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