anybody else have a new dishwasher that stays wet inside?

lainoNovember 3, 2009

Bought a new dishwasher, it stays wet inside unless the door is left slightly open. I am not talking about the underside of cups or bowls that have edges that can collect water, or even plastics, I expect there will be some water in those instances. I mean the tub itself, sides and top, also, the bottom of the door. I have tried different detergents and different rinse aids, and the amount of the rinse aid, because it is adjustable in these new ones. The store did exchange for a different one, but it is the same issue, actually worse. Even wetter. On telling the fellow at Sears that did the reorder, said he had never heard of this issue. He called some people he knew in the business and they said they had never heard of this issue. They put in a call to the Maytag rep, but haven't heard back yet. I said I had read online of people having the same problem and he said so you won't be able to buy a dishwasher then that ends dry. I told him not so. my brother in law bought a GE within this last year, about 500$, stainless steel tub. It's dry when the cycle is done. My niece has a 3-4? year old whirlpool quiet partner2, it's dry when done. He said he goes by consumer reports, but those aren't the real world issues that seem to come from forums such as these or through reviews. I bet most of the complaints on these machines, never get heard by their makers.

Any suggestions or ideas?? I would appreciate hearing from anybody with the same sort of issue and any brand names and/ or models. Or any links to pages talking of such issues.

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Does the machine have heated dry and are you using it? That MIGHT solve your problem.

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Both of the ones that stayed wet, have a heated dry that comes on by default.... at least when I select Normal wash, the heated dry light comes on, I presumed that meant that it was on...... maybe I should read the book. I believed I was using heated dry. My old one I never used it and never had an issue like this.

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In consideration of the EnergyStar configuration that's common nowadays, I'd suspect that the Normal cycle defaults to a non-heated dry, with heated dry being the option. The indicator light may operate in reverse ... light on = non-heated dry ... light off = heated dry. You refer to Maytag as the brand, but don't cite a model#, so I can't search for an instruction manual to confirm the operation.

Detergent choice won't have an effect on residual moisture, it's rinsed away and gone by the time the drying phase begins.

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Maybe your Maytag is one of the models that is Ventless?. Maybe this could/would cause it to be wetter after the cycle.
Have you tried using the Sani Rinse cycle? This way the last rinse should be 160 degrees and provide better drying. Maybe on the Normal cycle your dishwasher does not heat the final rinse water, so if the water from your water heater is low (120)that would cause poor drying.
When the machine is in the dry cycle, open the door and put your hand near the heat element to see if it is hot. Then you will know if you have heat on during dry or not.

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Our Maytag dishwasher does the same thing. I'm pretty sure the heated dry is automatic with the normal cycle I typically run, so I'm not sure why it stays moist.

I find that it's worse if I wait a day or two to empty the clean dishes. Humidity seems to build up inside.

It's not that big of a deal to me, but it is odd.

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The first time I used my new Bosch I freaked out with the amount of water left inside. I even had the GC come and check to see if it was installed properly. If I open it right after it's finished, it will be somewhat wet inside. I tend to run mine in the early morning, starting about 4:00 a.m. (we're on hydro time of use) and if I don't open in for a few hours it will be drier. I've also tried different cycles and checking the rinse agent. My old Kenmore and even older Kitchen Aid NEVER left any water inside.
I've put it down to new energy efficient guidelines. It seems to be working fine otherwise, does a wonderful job of cleaning, but it sure threw me for a loop! I'm just going on the assumption that's the way it's supposed to be.

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Bosch is one of those manufactures that do not use heated drying, but 'condensation' drying. So it should be no surprise that it will be wet inside after finishing.

I didn't think Maytag (Whirlpool) had gone to that kind of system.

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Easiest thing I know of to try is using Rinse Aid. Pick up a bottle and I bet you will notice the difference immediately.

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weedmeister, I don't know anything about condensation drying. Good, bad, neither? Is that something I should have cared about when shopping?

It's a great d/w otherwise, cleans beautifully, very quiet.

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The complaint about condensation drying is that the inside of the washer stays wet for awhile. It requires the use of rinse aids in order to make the water sheet off the surfaces.

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I much prefer condensation drying to Whirlpool's setup with a passive (no fan) steam vent near the top corner of the door. One of my old apartments had one of those and the steam that oozed out of the vent during the dry cycle would rise and cause the underside of the laminate countertop (which was unfinished particle board) to swell up and then flake apart after it dried.

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we have the same problem. Just bought a new Maytag portable last week and everything is wet inside. Last night I checked during the dry cycle (light on) and the heating element was hot......I quickly touched it to lasting scars....but the inside looks like a tropical rain forrest. Our old one was also a Maytag which dried completely. I called Maytag and got no help.
If there has been a design change , I wish someone would just say so and at least we'd have an answer. Needless to say , we are very unhappy with this outcome.

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European style passive drying requires a certain amount of mass to work properly--stainless tub and lots of china and metal. These retain the heat from the wash water, which makes the drying happen.

Rinse Aid is a surfactant (soap). It breaks the surface tension of water, making drops fall apart and slide off. It really helps keep down spotting in hard water, but soft, or just not-hard water has a hard time removing all of it. It's not harmful, but it can make your glasses taste soapy.

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Some dishwashers and some washing machines are reusing the left over final rinse water in the next wash cycle, instead of pumping it all out. It's a water saving trick. The longer between wash cycles, the nastier that old rinse water gets before you get to have it "wash" your dishes or launder your unmentionables.

Condensation drying requires a hot final rinse. Above 160F is good. If you don't have that, the machine will likely remain wet inside.

I have found the best way to handle condensation drying is to open the door once the cycle counter reads zero, and not before. That lets the steam out. I then take care of any tipped over containers before shutting the door until I unload the DW, usually hours later.

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Some dishwashers and some washing machines are reusing the left over final rinse water in the next wash cycle, instead of pumping it all out.CreekSide, can you cite some specific models? I'm not aware of any dishwasher or clothes washer aimed at the U.S. home market that retains the final rinse water for the next wash. Some commercial dishwashers do that ... but the water is usually super-heated and the next load follows immediately in the food service environment.

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If your water temperature is not hot enough, the drying process used by DW without a drying element won't work well. We have an E-Lux that dry's just fine without a heating element. It has a SS tub, is yours SS? That might make a difference too.

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The condo I am renting has a Whirlpool brand new (I'm the first to use it) and I do the normal cyle, hi-temp dry and it is WET inside !! I can't stand it ! I even use a drying agent and it's still WET....

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I just purchased a new fridgidaire and it does the same thing. Used the dry cycle which I never did with the old Kenmore, using the rinse stuff. If this is new design it stinks. I like to turn mine on before bed but now I can't because I will have to worry about it getting smelly by morning. Our water is awful so it can't sit. Plus it's totally inconvenient in my tiny kitchen to have the door open. Bummer that I didn't read more on this before choosing this model. The rest of the Gallery set works great.

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I wonder if the heating elements do not get as HOT in these newer models, as in older DWs, in order "save energy"?

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I wonder if the heating elements do not get as HOT in these newer models, as in older DWs, in order "save energy"?


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Drying elements may also cycle on/off throughout the drying period, or be on for only part of it.

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