Rose Tree

oddieJanuary 8, 2008

Has anyone ever made a tree useing a painted stick ?cant deside if I like it or if its become a crazy project I should toss!

desided I would let you all tell me what you think frist.

Heres a close up of the bird, and the roses made from coffee filters.


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I actually quite like it, Oddie.

I think I'd like the bird to coordinate more with the flowers or the white of the crystals, though. The tree itself is so fantasy/fairy tale-like that the very realistic grounded bird actually stands out as being too serious.

Just my opinion, though. :)

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That is PRETTY! I like it!

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It's a cute idea Oddie, you're on the right track.

I'm thinking a more uniform branch with more branches would be good. I like the crystals and lace and the squiggly papers under the roses too. Do you happen to have a footed vase or urn? For the "fantasy" look, I think that would be perfect. (or create your own by gluing a small crystal bowl on top of a candle holder or stemware glass)

This is a good way to use up some of our leftover bits of lace and ribbons too.

Keep playing with it a bit and it will be perfect. Very cute for a centerpiece on the table or a vignette on a buffet or side table. ;o)


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I like the crystal vase idea, but I am sure it needs more branches like you said luvs, couldnt beleive I live in the woods and this was the best I could come up with, the idea all seemed pretty in my head, had never seen a photo but read of useing the branches for trees, and decorating them.
Thanks everyone for your advice, thats why I love this fourm!

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Oddie, a lady on the Garden Junk forum used a really big branch, painted it white, then glued colored half marbles together and tied them on the branches. She used her big one outside and it was so pretty sparkling in the sunlight.

Then on the Holiday forum, Sandi bought a big white tree branch in a pot and she decorates it for all the holidays. You should look at some of the cute ornaments she has used. I'm pretty sure you can find it in some of her old posts, or just leave her a post asking that she repost some pics of it for you to see.

Your's is looking really good too. Wish I had a nice branch and I would try it too. No trees in my little yard. You know, one of those could be really cute for a Valentine's table. Is that what you are doing your's for?


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Oh this is SO sweet! I love it!

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Luvs cant get to the garden junk today, tried to find sandi post but gosh there are so many to try and go throu, I will post and ask for photos, cant wait to see them! wasnt makeing it for anything special, just a idea I wanted to try, TFS all the info! wish I could share some branches with you, I am sure yours would be beautiful!
Thank you kudzukween,nonacook,and jen, might try agine after seeing some photos!

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I think it looks very nice. I like the bird as it is realistic looking.

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I found a pinkish colored bird at the GW today,free :) I came home and mixed red food color and dunked in 6 coffee filters. I made 2 roses so far,looking good,was easier than it looks! So, I'm going to try to copy your rose tree!

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Oddie, love your tree! Will you share how you made the coffee filter roses? they are beautiful! tfs, Janie

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Hehe........I just had to go to the dollar store and buy filters to make more :) I made some green for leaves,too. Going to help granddaughter make these for Valentine's Day corsages for her teachers. Today I found a whole box of florists pins,just right for corsage pins, at the Goodwill :) is the link Oddie gave for the coffee filter roses! :)

Here is a link that might be useful: coffee filter rose

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So glad you are enjoying this craft! I had thought about makeing the leaves for the roses from coffee filters, but had some left from a craft so desided to use them, the pink stuff hanging under the roses is the top edge part of the coffee filters, when I trimed them I thought had to be something I can use it for, the bottom part that was cut off you can cut heart shapes from, I took two and glued the edges together and put in just a little batting to puff it, could make a cute garland with them or use to decorate a card, or hearts to put on a tree, funny how a coffee filter can look so soft and pretty.
Please come back and share photos cant wait to see them, I am sure your corsages are beautiful!
I know I saw other flowers made also but cant seem to find where they are right now, if you dont like the looks of the rolled roses you can cut out petals and glue them one by one till you have one you like, my mother made them years ago, cant remenber what she used, but they were dunked in wax after made, she used them to decorate graves, maybe one of the older crafters here might remenber, its been probley 40 years ago!
Happy Crafting

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I got the roses made,and leaves,too,wanted the scalloped edged scissors,but who knows where I put those??? So I used pinking shears. Then I was looking again at the roses you made,and wondered if you also dipped them in tea?? Didn't know,so I dipped mine in tea,then red food coloring. Trying to make rose buds from the centers,not going well there. I didn't put the green ones in tea,but I did go back and re-do them with some yellow mixed in the green,looked better to me. Sorry I didn't take pics yet of any of them,but I will later! I remember my friends mother making roses from tissue paper or crepe paper? and dipping them in wax,and my friend would sell them at school to the teachers......was thinking it wasn't too long ago,then realized,hey my son would be maybe 40 years ago is right!
I thought the little string things were pink basket filler :)

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thank you for the web site for the coffee filter roses. Janie

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Oh yes! time does fly by, thanks for reminding me I beleive it was crepe paper she made the roses from, thought about that all day.
No I didnt use tea dyed on the roses, not much on prim decorating, but its what looks good to you that matters,
not sure that the pinking shears would make a nice edge for the roses, since most are kinda rounded, might be why the centers arent working good for you, I used regular shears and just cut a wavey line, would make nice leaves thoe, you could glue two together with some thin wire in the middle so you can bend them, just some thought, but I am sure they are beautiful, watercolor paints would be nice to and you could blend the colors on the edges kinda like real roses are, oh so much can be done! will be waiting for photos!
Janie thank you! and you are so welcome! always willing to share, would love to see your roses also!

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Oh I see all the names of the ladies I remember, luvcraft, oddie and others.... I just got back from a holiday to my home.
That tree is wonderful indeed and I am going out tomorrow to look for a branch....and coffee filters......Just what I needed...a great crafting idea. Thx.

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Ooooooooooooooh how pretty!!! Love it!! Donna

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Thank you! see this is one craft I wasnt sure about, I knew it needed something more, it sets with my misfit crafts for now, will revamp one day and use the stuff for something else.
Happy Crafting!

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That is very pretty! In 1980 when my oldest DD married,my mother made all the flower arrangements for the wedding out of used coffee filters.They were the filters that had the fluted looking edges,not flat and She just dumped the coffee out and rinsed it off.She asked a lady that worked in a restaurant to save the filters for her.LOL She stacked several together and pinched the bottoms up and tied them with floral wire and tape.Similar to the old tissue paper flowers but she didn't cut the filters or anything.She made the centers with yarn (I think).They were very pretty and unusual.Nobody could believe they were made from coffee filters.

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Oddie, I loved your tree branch idea and the roses and birds and crystals you used on it--just thought you needed a branch with more "branches" to make it look more lush and filled in. Don't give up on it. Luvs

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Luvs you were so right on what the tree needed, just never had the urge to revamp it yet, I used plaster to fit the stick in the pot, so it might be a job to remove it, plus the color doesnt go anywhere in my home, I think we all have project that dont turn out like we planed, and this fourm is the one place I feel I can get honest answers!
liliepad, sure would love to see the flowers your mother made, sounds different then any I have seen, trying to see a picture in my head of what they must look like, must have been large flowers, and they sound so pretty, do you have any photos ?

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