How to attach a hook to back of heavy mirror

naturepersonJanuary 10, 2005

I made a frame for a large mirror and epoxy glued it to the front of the mirror, and now I would like to hang it. How do I attach a hook to this heavy mirror back in order to hang it without ruining the silvering and also that will hold the weight of this mirror? Originally I had planned to glue the mirror to the bathroom wall over the vanity and have since decided to use it in another room instead where I want to hang it.

Any help would be appreciated.

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I have framed several mirror fronts with stained glass pieces and grout, some of which turned out quite heavy. The only thing I could find to support them were the little clear plastic holders made to attach to the wall . . . the mirror then rested inside of them. I did try some glued-on holders on the back, but never trusted them to hold the weight.

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I hate to use those little plastic holders on my dining room wall. I'll keep looking for a solution, pixistix, and if I find one, I'll post it here.

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Be very, very careful hanging a mirror... if it falls, it could severely injure someone, some pet, or something.

Weigh your mirror; take careful measurements if its size and note possible hanger attachment places. If you have a digital camera, take pictures of both sides. Take all your notes (and pictures) to a large hardware and ask a knowledgeable salesperson to help you with choosing the right hardware to hang the mirror.

Or take the mirror to a frame shop or mirror shop and have them help you.

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