New Wall Oven Frame is HOT ! - Should I worry?

LoPayNovember 6, 2013

My Whirlpool wall ovens were a deal because they were a floor model. The contractor and electrician got them installed today, so I thought I would let them run for an hour to burn off any factory gunk.
The doors are cool, but the metal frame that sits up against the cabinet is quite hot. Like if you keep your finger on it for 5 seconds it will burn you hot.

Is this normal, and is it possible that I am missing some type of shield that should have been installed between the cabinet and oven? There were no parts or book delivered with the oven.

Do I need to worry about the surrounding cabinet bursting into flames?

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I suggest you ask your contractor to come back and check it for your piece of mind. Wood will burst into flames at about 451 F - it is extremely unlikely the outside of your oven is anywhere near that hot. My guess is that the temperature of the outside is well below 200 F - otherwise you would not be able to keep your hand on it for 5 seconds. Your contractor should use either a IR thermometer , or better yet a contact thermometer to check the temperature of the case after the oven has been on an hour or so to make sure there is nothing wrong with the oven itself. I doubt you are missing a shield, but if you have the model number, you can go online and find the installation instructions and read them to see what they call for.

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