Round Coke Bottles

toomuchglassJanuary 3, 2008

Do you have them by you ? They must be available in certain areas only - I haven't seen any here. ( DARN! )

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I purchased several round, plastic coke bottles at my local Wal-Mart about a month before Christmas, to use as stocking stuffers. I thought they were adorable - looked like an ornament to me - and they were $1! My kids, 26 and 27, and hubby too thought they were cute, too. I still have a bottle, but don't know how to post a pic.
I'm thinking they were a seasonal item and they sure didn't last long at the store.

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Geeze - I Was at Walmart ,too - I never thought to look !

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I purchased them at Walmart for my grandchildren and they loved them. I found them in the front of the store in a huges box, you had to reach down into it to get the sodas. Haven't decided what to do with them yet, may wait til next year and let the grandchildren decide. Last time I was at Walmart I didn't seen the box so they must be sold out. You could always call your local Coke distributor.

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I bought about 4 and haven't seen them at any store since I think it was just a one time novelty. I saw one for sale on ebay awhile back rather someone posted the link to it.

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When I found them, I bought 24....and then my DD bought me 6. So I have the bottles, just need to find someone to drink the coke. I don't drink many carbonated beverages. I have finished about 3 since we first found them in early Dec. I have only seen one painted on line so far. I collect coke stuff and wanted a few for my collection, but I probably will do something crafty with the others.

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I recently rescued 3 round coke bottles from my son's trash and made 3 adorable snowmen!! It was quite simple to do; I painted the "bodies" white up to the "neck"...then tied fabric "scarfs" around the necks. I bought and then painted 3 wooden circles, about 1" in diameter white, and then added snowman faces with paint pens. I attached them with hot glue to the upper portion of the bottle (sort of leaning back towards the "hat." I put them on a shelf surrounded by big cotton balls...its the most adorable little collection of snowmen! Another plan is to glitter spray them and decorate with beads and/or sequins, and a friend suggested cutting the necks off, and putting electric tealights inside, perhaps poking a design thru them as well...

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They have them at Wal-Mart now. I saw them, loose, in a big box type display by the checkouts. I didn't see them by the regular pop.

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I saw them too. I think I have a couple save dsomewhere from last year.

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You lost me!! I thought all coke bottles were round??? I have Santa glass ones & American Idol season #2 ones both of those are 8 oz. Then I have 12 oz plastic coke bottles & I think plain 8 oz glass bottles that just have coca-cola in red on them. I painted 1 with cattails around the bottom. Any of these what you are talking about??? Oh, and my friend has 2 glass coke bottles about 12 oz that look like medicine bottles, they are pretty straight all the way up & writing is embossed says coca-cola they are very cool!!! Jan

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if you google ---coca cola christmas bottles, walmart --- you will see what they are talking about.

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Found them & the Hutchinson bottle that I think is so cool! So my friend doesn't have any of these & I went all through WalMart & didn't see any & DIL works for them & she didn't mention them,wonder if it's just in certain parts of country?? Maybe I'm not looking in right place!! I don't drink sodas at all. GF works at Sam's club, maybe she has seen them!! SIL has entire game room in coke stuff, she got the border from WalMart & the stuff for bathroom, she didn't mention them. Thanks for info!! Jan

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