Help suggest a 30" gas range please.

bmorepanicNovember 11, 2013

Last time I posted this question, I think it was January.

Dh said today that he wants to go up to Costco and get another NXR. He liked the whole concept of buy and return until we got a good one. He got "the look."


Price is an object. We can put a little more in, but not more than 3k and be happier closer to 2k.

Standard range or slide-in.

If I could have open burners, I would. I spent quite a bit of my life cooking on old ranges with open burners.

I am not power mad. 12 - 15k burners are just fine.

Actually, if I had confidence in Blue Star, the RCS would work for me. Blue Star had a fairly big bad patch there in maintenance. Don't want to go out of the frying pan into the fire. Does anybody know what they are like now? I got to cook on an old garland once and liked it.

I used the burners a lot. I float around doing meals in a line of cuisine for a while and then change off. Since its late fall, I'm heading to the southwest for a while, then Italy for deep winter. So, no special features needed just heat.

I do wok a bit; do ok on flavors, but an actual Asian experienced person would likely run away screaming. I make stock, but not soup. Don't can. Deep fry every once in a while in the wok.

Having a more powerful oven was nice. The 22k one in the brand that shall not be named was ok. Fast preheat is nice, not required.

I bake lots of different things, usually in small quantities - bread, biscuits, pies, casseroles, homemade pot pies, Italian anything. Pizzas, roast veg or a chicken. Broil "things", but not so much - still out of the habit of having a working broiler.

Sometimes cook fancy pants stuff for fun or company. I am not at all chefy, but I like to feel like I am.

I counted once and I spent more time using the oven for baking per week but using it for simple warming won the frequency of use.

Having a second oven on the floor is not something we would use, we both have back issues.

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Checking in to follow thread; my wife and I both agree a close-out viking would be next for us if the NXR didn't work out. We would need to get the price into the 2-3K range though.

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Ok, and thanks for you help.

Does anyone have DCS?

I was looking at ebay and there seems to be some availability in the price range.

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