Any insiders out there with info on WP dishwasher fires?

oregpsnowNovember 15, 2012

The local news here in Portland is flooded with stories about fires in DW made by Whirlpool - including Kenmore, Maytag and others. It seems this fire issue has existed for a number of years and some have been recalled in the past. Some of the fires happened when the machine was not running. Are there any appliance insiders out there who really know what is going on? Should I turn the breaker off to my D/W when not using it? I don't usually worry about things like this but I don't want my house to burn down.

I have a 1.5 yr old WP mid-range D/W - it had 2275 in the model number.

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My maytag was recalled due to the fire hazard a few years back now. I called for service, and the tech came out and fixed what ever needed to be fixed, very quickly. I have not had any problems. It is now 5 yrs old.

You can call to schedule the recall service.

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drewem - there has been no recall and WP denies there is a problem. If you have an actual fire they may give you a new machine if you make enough noise but that machine may be bad, also.

There are several million machines that could be affected. A recall would cost them millions of dollars.

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Who is an insider?

In any event, you might look at the thread linked below which was a recent discussion on this very subject and has links to other information on the problem with WP/KA including CPSC statements.

Here is a link that might be useful: DW fires

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JW - Thanks for the link but the recall discussed there is for GE appliances and has nothing to do with the WP problem.

An insider is someone who works in the business and actually knows what is going on. They do not need to rely on web posts or TV news stories like the rest of us do. They can give you the best information on stories like this.

Hopefully one will drop by and share.

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I think you may have overlooked something. Up above the posting where somebody mentioned the GE recall there was a posting with specific links that the fire problems with Whirlpool made dishwashers including those sold under the KitchenAid, Sears Kenmore, and Maytag brands. (I think Marcolo was the poster.)

As for getting someone from inside Whirlpool, it doesn't hurt to ask, but it seems unlikely. Maybe somebody recently retired and not bound by confidentiality provisions?

Maybe an employee of a vendor or a repair/servicing company can speak to their experiences. We do get numbers of them here.

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