How to paint a picture frame

verenabJanuary 4, 2006

I just painted my living room yellow and I have a large picture hanging in top of the fire place that I love. Unfortunately it has a frame (which I cannot remove - and there is no glass) that is gold and also has a silver section in it. I would really like to make it black but don't want to just give it a black paint cover, but perhaps just "rub" some black on so the other color shows better. The gold just doesn't show against the yellow. What type of paint should I use? Black glaze? Regular paint? What technique should I use to paint?


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You could test some black glaze on the back of frame to see how it does. If you have any artist's black oil paint, that also could be tested, both done in a wipe on - wipe off method.

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I had three wood frames that were all dented and different colors. I took a black permenant marker and colored them. I was pleasently surprised at how well they came out. Not sure how oyu would add the show through parts though.

Good luck.

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