I've bugged you all for Angel Feather ornament...here's mine

pattico_gwJanuary 2, 2008

I've bugged you on how to's and poems...

Here's the one I made this week for a friend of mine who lost his Mother on Christmas day.

Here is what the poem says...

A feather from an Angel

Is one we rarely see.

But this one is quite different,

And special as can be.

This feather is a reminder,

Of your Mother's unending love.

She is now your guardian Angel,

Watching over you, from above.


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It is so lovely. And I like the stand too

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Oh, how nice and beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

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Patti, you made a beautiful ornament! Everything, including the poem, is just so perfect. Luvs

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Just BEAUTIFUL! and so elegant, I have seen these made before but not as beautiful as yours! would you mind shareing info on how you made yours ? dont think I have seen that shape in a Christmas bulbs, is that a clear egg? I have seen the tiny roses and the beads, but what is under them, cant think what to call it, but sure is elegant! and the poem sooo beautiful!
Thanks for shareing

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It's just perfect! I've been wanting to make one, I wanted one on my tree in my son's honor,but I never made it. Did you make the stand or buy it?

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The stand....I cheated...I found it at the GoodWill..99¢.

The glass ball I found at Mangelson's..a large hobby and crafts store in Omaha. They were on sale for 99¢ also.

I found a package of wedding trims at WalMart It is attached to a fine net so you can sew it on dresses or what ever. I trimmed the netting as close to the sewing as I could without causing it to ravel. And glued it to the glass with the GE silicon glue and glued the beads and flowers with that too.

The Feather was a long fluffy one and the glass had a small hole. I couldn't get the feather down in there..So I took a drinking straw and pushed the feather inside the straw. Stuck the straw inside the glass and then pushed a small dowel down inside the straw to push the feather out.

I put some of the diamond dust...but won't do that again. Because it got static elec. and stuck to the inside of the glass.
I enjoyed making it and will do them in the future but hope I won't need to.


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And I think a round one will look just as nice.

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Patti, your ornie is just beautiful. I have never seen one done like yours. TFS with us. would you mind taking a picture of the top so we could see that too? thanks again for sharing, Janie

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Sorry Janie...I've already given it away.

What part of the top?

The top part of the stand I took a long piece of brass wire and made a loop in the middle then twisted it tight. I wrapped that twisted wire around the top of the stand because there was no place to attach the card. the loop was for tieing the card to and the rest of the twist just wrapped around and around the and is hid under where the ornament hangs.

The flowers go all the way around and down in a few spots.

The fancy stuff comes down in three places.


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oh this is very very pretty. I'm sorry I missed it earlier!! Way to go!!


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I just had another thought ...

Since it is wedding dress trim....it might be useful as a wedding gift with the glass ball filled with flower petals from the boquet. Stick them in there before they get "crispy" and let them dry.

I'm sure you talented poem writers could come up with something to go with it.


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This is just beautiful. Over the years I have made several hundred of these but of course, none as pretty as yours. I sold them at Christmas time probably because the buyers thought they would be pretty ornaments. I did see some with pink or blue feathers in them for newborns. YOu did a really nice job and I think it would be a perfect wedding gift.

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