Victorian/Cottage jewel embellishments

Sandi_WJanuary 23, 2008

I posted this on holidays where I usually am and Luvs suggested I post here as yall have such great ideas. I am looking for some Victorian/Cottage jewel embellishments to sew on lampshade skirts, valance tie-ups and throw pillows. I need something about 2". Can anyone direct me to an online source? Thanks so much.

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Wrights trims has some really neat beaded trims available at Walmart/JoAnne fabrics, ect - not sure if this is the style you are looking for but below is a link to get you started....


Here is a link that might be useful: beaded trims

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Lynne, Thank you for reminding me of Wrights. You would think I would have remembered them as it was the trim I used many years ago. Our Walmart doesn't have much in the way of trims anymore. We do have a JoAnne's, but I haven't checked them out yet.

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oh you are more than welcome Sandi - I saw your post over on the other forum and was trying to think of a place and then when I saw it posted over here Wrights came to my mind immediately - lol - go figure. I used it a couple of years ago on one of those lampshades that fit the candles - had it for a nightlight in my masterbath for a Victorian look. Hope you find something you like.....


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