Checker Boards (and a giveaway)

laniereeJanuary 28, 2010

I just finished 4 checker board sets. Do you ever start a craft thinking it will be easy, and then want to chuck it out the window a few days later? Because that's how I felt with these.

Bot now that I am finished, I am super happy with them. I have pictures on my blog:

And now that they are done, I am going to give one of them away! You can go here to see the contest details:

Which one of the 4 is your favorite?

Here is a link that might be useful: Check out these Checker Boards!

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I'm not sure if a " contest" post is allowed ....but you have some cute stuff there ! Lots of ideas . :)
I love looking !

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We have giveaways all the time at the Kitchen Table...don't see why there'd be a problem. I think it is great. She's not trying to get us to buy anything.

The checker boards are bee-U-T-ful...I love them.

I have a collection of very old game boards I intend to put up on the wall upstairs in a tv room...(when my son moves out...8-) He finally got a job that seems like a good one. So maybe my game wall is in the near future...

I checked out your blog yesterday and checked out some of your favorite blogs.

Still looking for a Valentine idea to make for my cousins. We get together once a month for lunch and I like to take a little gift when I go. Been doing this for years and I'm running out of (hey..maybe a Valentine checker board...LOL)


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I would think the give-a-way contest is fine. There have been many contests, give-a-ways, round-robins and swaps offered on many different boards many times over the years. I'm sure you are not allowed to advertise here or sell here but since this is a contest to give-a-way it shouldn't be a problem. Adorable checker boards and I'm sure you will get a great response. Have fun.


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I stand corrected . I guess I'm having flashbacks of
"Spike-dom" ! LOL One wrong word and you're G*O*N*E* !!!

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I'm wondering and maybe am opening a "can of worms" ....but I understood that you could not "advertise" or "sell here" BUT isn't posting your blog where you ARE advertising and selling, the same??? (I do enjoy most of the blogs) I've been wondering about this for sometime,so here....what are you're thoughts about it?

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