Freezing and jumping cursor with Win. 7

jasdipDecember 12, 2011

I just got a new laptop in August. Windows 7, 64 bit Intel processor 4 GB. ASUS brand of laptop.

I am so less than impressed with it. My cursor jumps all over the place and has a mind of its own so that my messages will just delete themselves as I'm typing.

I've always used a laptop, with the touchpad, so it's not like I don't know how to type with it. My fingers are off the pad, wrists not touching.....learned how to type using a typewriter and the way I was taught.

Another huge issue is the freezing up when I close the lid to put it to sleep. Whether I have web pages open or not, my laptop freezes and the ONLY way to get it to work is to hit the button. Hard-shut it down. Ctrl,Alt,Delete does not bring up the task window. Everything is frozen.

I posted my cursor jumping at a local online group, and 4 people wrote back, saying they thought it was just them. So it's not unique to ASUS. The similarity is that we all have Win7. I do not want, nor have room for an external mouse.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

IF the laptop is that new I would contact the manufacturer first, they may know of a known bug and have an update to fix it. If not then I would talk to them about a replacement or having someone take a look at it.
A brand new laptop should not be giving you that type of freeze up issue where you have to do a hard shutdown.

in most cases the jumping cursor is a very sensitive touch pad that is being triggered by your hand movements. Have you tried turning off the touch pad while typing as a test to see if you still have the problem. Also just to test try using an external mouse with the touch pad turned off. These tests will determine if that is the problem or if something else is causing it. Must do those to eliminate possibilities.

Have you tried turning off the power saver features and turning off hibernate to see if that has any effect on the freezing up? if not do try that. Also on 7 down at the bottom in the tray you should see a small flag it may be hidden in the hidden icons, click that it tell you if there are any known problems on your unit and will offer to try to fix them.

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Hi RC.
I just got off the phone with the computer store. They've never heard of the cursor jumping around. I de-sensitized the touchpad, yet some more, so I'll see if that helps.

The computer was set in Hibernate when the lid closes. It must have been default, as I don't have them hibernate.
I'll see if that fixes the freezing issue.

The comp store has a 30-day warranty only. I'll have to see if there's any warranty with ASUS. They have an E manual I believe installed in my computer. This is the wrong thing to say on a comp forum, but I so much prefer a hard copy manual! ;-)

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You might want to check in on this Asus forum..these people normally all have Asus laptops or are familiar with them. You have to register (free) to post..Be sure you have your full model number also helps if you can post some specs of your laptop, ie Operating system 32 or 64 bit, amount of RAM..tell them what you have tried and whether it has worked somewhat or not at all..The more info you give the better as they cant see it from where they

Here is a link that might be useful: Asus notebook forum

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Over tasked resources? Too much running in background?


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