quiet refrigerators with good crispers

pacnwsterNovember 22, 2013

We need to replace our bottom freezer Amana, it's over 15 years old and freezing fridge food while not staying cold enough in the freezer.

I read through the giant thread started in '08 for quiet fridges, but the last posting was April, so I'm wondering if anyone has any new recommendations on quiet fridges. Side-by-sides tend not to have enough fridge space for us, and I don't have to have any water or ice in the door (although the 4 year old might disagree). We do a ton of farmer's market shopping and go through a lot of produce, so something with good crisper function is ideal. Would like to keep the cost under $2K but would pay a smidge for quiet and functional.

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I know it's well outside your budget, and there must be other options out there, but the last 3 homes I've rented or purchased have all had sub-zero units in them and they are a modern miracle in terms of produce.

The 14 year old unit we currently have keeps bags of loose lettuce from the farmer's market fresh in the crisper for 2+ weeks. Herbs in a glass of water can last on a shelf for 3 weeks. It's absurd how long produce lasts.

Maybe you can find one used on craigslist? They last so long that I wouldn't hesitate to buy a ten year old unit.

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