Another baggie wreath!

oddieJanuary 15, 2008

I know I said I was going to use a pink sheer ribbon, but the color I got was lost on the light wreath, used a red ribbon I had, looks good but wish I had gotton a different kind, this is the foil type, hard to keep it looking nice while forming the bow, dusted with glitter and glued the little hearts, I cut from the garland I used on my last one, also changed the ribbon on the last wreath to one like this one.

so what do you think ?


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OMG! You've made it just perfect Oddie! I love this version. The red bow and little hearts set it off to PERFECTION! LUVS

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That is just darling! I absolutely love to see your labor of love.


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Oh oddie that is just beautiful!!! LOVE IT!!


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That is so pretty, Oddie. You've done it again!

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That is so pretty! Where are you getting all the bags? Are they dry cleaner bags?and how wide do you cut your strips, 3 or 4 inches? You do such lovely work !

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Thank you! I do like this one much better, red must be the color! and the large bow like ginger said, sets it off.
posie, I posted a link on how to make the baggie wreath its still on the frist page, also one there snolady posted for the white plastic bags, and jaybird posted another link to a different site for the baggie wreath, I desided I didnt like all that cutting so i just folded the baggie like the link said and tied it on, no cutting! and looks just as good!
for this wreath I had a 16inch circle and used about 150 baggies,use the cheap kind from the dollar stores, the kind with the flap that folds over to close.
Thanks agine for all the help, wouldnt have looked as nice without all of your suggestions!

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That is super sweet too. It is so good to see what you are up to.

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That is really cute. Reminds me of one a student's mother made for me when I was teaching eons ago. I put it out every year for a good 20 years till it bit the dust.

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Thank you, yes this is a old craft, new and inproved! so much eaiser then all that cutting.

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