shorting ME_UNLOCK on motherboard

commmanderDecember 8, 2012

my mobo is ECS h61h2_m2
i bought new CPU intel i7 3770 which is supported by it
but it's said i need to install CPU EVO so my mobo would run 22nm CPU
to install it i need to short ME_UNLOCK on the mobo but when i do it with a jumper, it still says it's not shorted

anyone happens to know what's going on?

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Hi Commander. Have you visited this ECS FAQ page on the subject? If not then follow along with those instructions and see where it lands you

Never had to short the BIOS myself before updating but then I have never tried on an ECS board to my knowledge. Good luck with it, report back with your findings once you have the computer built.

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well that's what i have been doing
and as step 1 where it says to short the ME_UNLOCK pins with jumper, when i do it, CPU EVO install (which is step 2) still says that ME_UNLOCK is not shorted

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Bit of a long shot but what shape is the CMOS battery in? I've had some boards not function as expected if the battery is weak. Another thing to check on ECS boards (based on my experience anyway) is for bad caps.

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bought mobo itself about a month back so the battery should be fine BUT (as always there's a but) mobo driver cd was not in the package when i bought it, so it seems shop sold me mobo that someone else returned to shop (which i got disappointed at the shop for doing s**t like that)

but then again, as CMOS batteries should last for about 10 years which is about 5 times longer than shop quarantine and return time for mobo, it couldn't be battery's fault?

and i assume checking for bad caps is with tester?
thought about that myself but will be few days before i could get a tester

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Obvious signs of bad caps are domed tops with possible leaking electrolyte. Google "bad caps" for some pics. An ESR meter is of course the best way to test but for what ECS has shipped in the past, the tops of the caps is a sure-fire indicator. As for the battery, if you have a DMM the voltage should ideally be over 3vDC and current (connect briefly assuming meter can read amperage) over 200ma. I agree that a good battery should last, but as you have indicated a possible return situation, anything is possible. I have also noted a degradation in battery longevity if the battery was not mfd in Japan.

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As it appears you may have bought an 'open box' why not at least remove the CMOS battery and wipe both sides to ensure good contact? Nothing to lose but 30 seconds really. While there look at the capacitors as exgm suggests for bulges or leaks, you have to start eliminating things.

Can you return the board?

Pity you are having the issues as it takes the shine off building a new machine.

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ok so problem solved by buying another motherboard from different computer store
everything works without having to get anything extra
gonna go on monday with the other mobo back to store to get my money back for selling me some used crap

thanks who found time to answer anyway

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Good luck with the new build.

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